Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur Launches Memory Makers

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The Food & Beverage team at Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur have recently launched a selection of new flavours called ‘Memory Makers’ – which are new dishes or drinks that have been created based on guests’ preferences and feedback as well as other information collected over time. The concept behind Memory Makers is to create and introduce new signature dishes that truly leaves an impression with diners – dishes that standout in terms of flavours, presentation and the experience they evoke.

The effort spanned several months, at the end of which personalities associated with the local culinary scene such as foodies, food magazine editors and bloggers were invited to an exclusive tasting session at Traders. At the end of the tasting, their comments and feedback were collected, dissected and used to make final improvements to the Memory Makers.

MHB’s Stephanie Lim (, official photographer Andy Kho ( and I headed over to Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur to try out the new Memory Makers menu.


Stephanie Lim blogger (2)
MHB’s Stephanie Lim busy talking on the new Huawei Mate S smartphone

Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (5)

Threesome Meat Platter (for 2 persons or 1x Tim Chew) – RM250.00 nett

This is a main dish that is available at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, which is known for its steaks and fine cuts. This dish gives meat lovers a medley of three proteins – chicken, lamb and steak. On the side are some accompaniments such as the pumpkin puree for chicken, artichoke and coriander pesto for lamb and Rosemary and Bordelaise sauce for the tenderloin steak.


Loved the beautifully cooked lamb rack
Loved the beautifully cooked lamb rack


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (3)

Mushroom Tea – RM35.00 nett

A very light and flavoursome wild mushroom infused broth, served with salted tempura oyster mushrooms on the side. The broth is fragrant and when paired with the saltiness of the tempura creates a very delicious umami flavour which leaves you wanting more. Drink this one from the glass as you would a normal beverage. No soup spoons here!


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (2)


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (7)

Nasi Lemak 2.0 – RM30.00 nett

The national favourite given a refreshing upgrade at Gobo Chit Chat. Fragrant rice can be eaten with fresh coconut flesh scooped from the container that is the inner shell of a real coconut. The rice is steamed in the coconut shell together with the coconut water and milk.  Spicy prawn sambal, anchovies and chicken rending or ‘ayam berempah’ maintain the traditional flavours. The rice is really super fragrant while the sambal packs a nice kick. 


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (10)

Cherry Bomm – RM30.00 nett

A photoworthy (or video) dessert at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill. A sphere of white chocolate stands surrounded by a field of edible flowers and raspberries. Get your camera ready as dark chocolate is poured on the white chocolate shell that melts to reveal the treat within.



Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (9)

Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (11)


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (8)

Le Bon Vivant Ice Kepal – RM20.00 nett

A dessert at Gobo Chit Chat is a modern take on an old classic dessert popular during my parent’s time. An ice ball topped with raspberries and drenched with syrup, with an ice cream core beneath the layer of shaved ice!


After lunch, we headed up to SkyBar to splash about a bit in the pool and try out their cocktails.


Stephanie Lim blogger (1)


Sky 33 (on the right) – RM35.00 nett

A fruity concoction with fresh apples, kiwi juice, a hint of kaffir lime leaves muddled with vodka on ice, and cubes of kiwi vodka jelly for a little added kick. Very refreshing and great for a hot day!

Selangor Sling (on the left) – RM48.00

Modifying the existing signature cocktail, this new version is made with Tanqueray gin, hibiscus syrup, Elder flower syrup, pineapple juice, dash of absinthe, shaken and top with a roselle flower.


Memory Makers Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur (6)


Gobo Chit Chat is located on the 5th Floor.

Gobo Upstairs is located on the 6th Floor.

SkyBar is located on the 33rd Floor.

Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Centre,

50088 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 603-23329888



Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (

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