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MHB Visits TGV Indulge 1 Utama Shopping Centre




Tucked away in a corner of TGV 1 Utama Shopping Centre is TGV Indulge, a lifestyle cinema that provides the whole VIP cinema experience with its own private ticketing counter, lounge and dining area, and two (2) exclusive dine-in theatres that can fit a total of 72 people. The nice folks at TGV invited me and my MHB bloggers to experience dinner and a movie in their premium lifestyle cinema.

Walking in, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and then you can either buy your tickets or head to the lounge for some drinks or even to the dining area for some food. The interior is stylish and modern and featured well-positioned lights to highlight key decor like a specially designed column or wall.



The entrance to TGV Indulge

The lounge area which houses sofas and low tables - great for relaxing over some drinks while waiting for your movie

The lounge area which houses sofas and low tables – great for relaxing over some drinks while waiting for your movie

The dining area

The dining area which is great for a romantic night out with your loved one or a group gathering with some close friends


Spicy Sharon just couldn't wait for dinner to start

Spicy Sharon just couldn’t wait for dinner to start

So before our movie, we had a nice sit down dinner to try out some of Indulge’s signature dishes.


Oven Roasted Tomato Soup - RM14.00

Oven Roasted Tomato Soup – RM14.00

Served with crabmeat & garlic coated crouton. I liked this as it wasn’t the ordinary tomato soup (thanks to the crabmeat inside!).


Rocket & Fruits - RM18.00

Rocket & Fruits – RM18.00

Rocket leaves with nuts, poached grape & mango with roasted sesame dressing. A pretty nice and refreshing salad!


Meatball - RM16.00

Meatball – RM16.00

Marinated beef meatballs with herbs gravy & pico de gallo


Button Mushroom Tempura - RM14.00

Button Mushroom Tempura – RM14.00

Battered curry mushrooms. Simply excellent with beer!!!


Broiled Salmon Kabayaki - RM32.00

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki – RM32.00

Served with asparagus, garlic mashed potato & sautéed mushroom


Pan Baked Mango Chicken - RM26.00

Pan Baked Mango Chicken – RM26.00

Served with sweet potato fries, salad & creamy herb sauce.


Grilled Lamb Rack - RM45.00

Grilled Lamb Rack – RM45.00

Served with potato puff, provencale vegetables & sweet chilli mint sauce. I was glad to see that it was served rare and nicely pink in the middle! That’s how I like my beef and lamb! Of course, you can request the doneness that you prefer.


Slow Cooked Seafood Rice - RM38.00

Slow Cooked Seafood Rice – RM38.00

Cooked with prawn, squid, mussel, olive in tomato sauce


We also had a brownie lollipop (RM14.00) for dessert in the cinema. I don’t have any photos to show you as I couldn’t take photos in the cinema while the show was on. The lollipop was served with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate sauce & nuts. A nice sweet ending to the meal.

Now one thing that I really really like about TGV Indulge is the fact that you can have bottled beers when dining in the lounge or in the cinema!

Here are the prices for the beers:

TIGER – RM16.00





ANCHOR – RM15.00




Popcorn for the movie!

Popcorn for the movie!

The corridor to the halls - beautiful, dark and mysterious!

The corridor to the halls – beautiful, dark and mysterious!

The cinema hall

The cinema hall

There are clean blankets for everyone and a nice big side table where you can put your food and drinks

There are clean blankets for everyone and a nice big side table where you can put your food and drinks


The chairs were wide and comfy and most importantly – they could recline with just a touch of a button. Yes in this hall you can actually put your feet up and not be scolded! Leg room is huge even for a tall person like me. There’s also the personalised waiter-services which you need need to press a button for you to order food and drinks which will be served to you in the hall. The management informs me that if you order the lamb or chicken or main dishes which require cutting, fret not as the chef will cut the meat up for you so you can easily eat your dish with just a fork. Now how bout that!

The movie we watched was Fantastic Four which was alright for me even though a lot of people were a tad disappointed with it. Guess Marvel has built up such a reputation for awesome movies such as The Avengers that it was hard to top. However as a Marvel fan I know that they usually build up their movies over the episodes. Eg. Ironman 1 was nothing compared to Ironman 3, same goes for Thor.

Granted that I will probably not watch movies in TGV Indulge every time but that’s the whole point of it. Keep the experience for occasions where you want to bring your partner for something a bit more special, or a big blockbuster movie. The dining in the lounge is also great so you don’t have to walk all over the mall trying to find a restaurant (that’s not full of screaming kids) to dine in then rush up to the cinema.

My fav bit – drinking beer in the cinema! I never got to do that before as by the time I was old enough to legally drink outside, modern cineplexes had replaced all the old stand-alone cinemas where there was kuaci (and rats!) all over the floor.



TGV Indulge is also available for corporate and private functions with food and beverage catering services provided, and is a novel space for functions or events like press conferences, product launches, company dinners or even wedding proposals.

TGV Indulge is located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. Look for the entrance which is to the left of the candy bar (of TGV cinemas).

More info on TGV Indulge is available at




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