Durian King @ TTDI and the Preview of RUYI and LYN

Durian King at Pasar Besar TTDI

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My father will tell you that I used to run away at the smell of durian when I was very young and no matter what my parents or grandparents did, they really couldn’t force me to eat it. Growing up, my taste buds got more adventurous and I started to love the so-called “king of fruits”. I love to eat Musang King, D24, and even kampung durians and all the other not so famous variants. But this was the very first time I heard of Black Thorn so when Erik came a calling I decided to head over to Durian King which is located in the Pasar Besar TTDI’s open air carpark to see what all the hype was about.

“Although ‘Musang King’ is one of the favourites among the people, the ‘Black Thorn’ has a uniqueness that will simply mesmerise the taste buds. It has an extremely creamy and thick orange-tinted flesh, leaving the mouth with a taste of luxury,” said owner Erik Ong.

Stocks of Black Thorn are limited so you might want to go early. The stall opens at 5.00pm until stocks run out which is roughly around 10.00 to 11.00pm. There are also other variants available like Musang King, D24 and many more but I do suggest that you at least try one (1) Black Thorn.



Owner Erik Ong
Owner Erik Ong



Black Thorn
Black Thorn


Customers enjoying the durians
Customers enjoying the durians
Go early otherwise you'll be faced with empty racks
Go early otherwise you’ll be faced with empty racks


There’s also a competition you can enter to win yourself a nice prize.



Durian King is located at:

Open air carpark of Pasar Besar TTDI,

Jalan Wan Kadir,

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur,



More info at http://www.facebook.com/Duriankingttdi

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (www.andykho.com)

Preview of RUYI and LYN




Headed over to Bangsar Shopping Centre on 2 July 2015 for the preview of RUYI and LYN. The newly launched restaurant and bar is a pretty modular location which can even be converted to a club. If you’re on Instagram, I bet you have seen lots of photos of their Malaysian inspired Nasi Lemak, and Chicken Rice “sushi”.


Ju Nn with Lyn, the owner of RUYI and LYN
Ju Nn with Lyn, the owner of RUYI and LYN






We also celebrated Lyn's birthday!
We also celebrated Lyn’s birthday!


For more info, head over to http://www.facebook.com/ruyilyn or http://www.lyn.global/


RUYI and LYN is located at:

4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre,

Jalan Maarof,

Bukit Bandaraya,

59000 Kuala Lumpur,



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