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When Carlsberg sent me the invite for this launch it was rather mysterious like their Where’s The Party? parties that they had a couple of years ago (which you can read here – They didn’t reveal the location of the event but said that they would send a car to pick me up. Wow! Me not having to drive to the event and back on a Friday afternoon? So I was pretty excited about it and got Veron to come over to my place on 5 June 2015 so we could go together.


I was mightily impressed when they sent a new Mercedes Benz E Class to pick us up!
I was mightily impressed when they sent a new Mercedes Benz E Class to pick us up!
The very familiar welcome
The very familiar welcome


Arriving at the event which was in the Gold Class lounge of GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, we were treated to lots of ice cold Carlsberg draught as well as a massage, while there was a pool table and darts machines for us to play with. Wow! Was this actually a media launch? Anyway no complains about this treat and I happily downed a couple of pints (it was Friday after all and I wasn’t driving!) while lounging on the sofas waiting for what was to happen next.

Turns out that the event was to unveil Carlsberg’s new thematic campaign in Malaysia, putting a local and modern twist on their international advertising campaign ‘If Carlsberg did…’. The campaign demonstrates what the ‘world’ would be like if it was as superior as Carlsberg beer. This campaign has been running in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and in other markets around the world, and now in Malaysia.

Here’s the international video for the campaign (the local version is at the bottom of this post).

Oh how I wish I had this kind of surprise waiting for me when I’m accompanying girls shopping.

“This campaign that we are embarking on is unique, as it plays with Carlsberg’s trademark humour and imagination,” said Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. “It reflects well on the brand’s commitment which strives to deliver the finest quality in everything it does since 1847, especially its beer,” she added.

“It is definitely a cheeky take on a couple’s shopping experience. In coming up with this video, the thought was that, if Carlsberg did fitting rooms and got into the shopping experience, what would it be like? I am sure we would work to make it the best fitting room in the world for men! But we don’t, we make probably the best beer in the world,” Juliet explained.


Veron enjoying her massage and her ice-cold pint of Carlsberg.

I decided to shoot some darts and challenged the Carlsberg team and the PR agency to a game
I decided to shoot some darts and challenged the Carlsberg team and the PR agency to a game
They even printed out my very own customised T-shirt!
They even printed out my very own customised T-shirt!


Probably the most fun media launch I’ve had in a long long time…




Bringing the campaign into real life, Carlsberg managed to surprise some shoppers around Pavilion and Mid Valley Mega Mall in KL, Gurney Plaza in Penang and The Shore in Malacca, on Friday and Saturday. Those carrying shopping bags being treated to a complimentary pint of Carlsberg at participating Carlsberg outlets.

“Taking cue from the tagline ‘If Carlsberg Did…’, we thought it would be a good idea to put a smile on shoppers, particularly those accompanying their partners shopping. We hope to give shoppers probably the best shopping experience, with probably the best beer,” Juliet smiled.

Juliet went on to mention that this campaign will run through the year, with another five (5) web films being set for release. The forthcoming videos will also highlighting everyday experiences and how Carlsberg turns them into something superior in a witty manner.

The essence of Carlsberg’s brand promise is to enhance consumers’ experience in everything it does, and Carlsberg will be running a Carlsberg “Get-Together” Night at 150 participating food courts and Chinese restaurants nationwide. At these events, consumers stand a chance to win a barrel of Carlsberg at the outlet.

To stay in the know of upcoming “If Carlsberg Did…” events and promotions, head over to





Photo credits: Carlsberg Malaysia and author’s own

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