BONIA Autumn/ Winter 2015/2016 Media Preview




Headed over to the BONIA HQ in Kuala Lumpur on 15 May 2015 for the Autumn/ Winter 2015/ 2016 media preview. BONIA was established in 1974, and has since grown to become an international brand, creating leatherwear fashion, made from the finest quality leather from Italy and the rest of Europe.

The Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection was the brainchild of BONIA’s creative director, Pepe Torres – a well-known ingenious designer who showcases the characteristic of BONIA through his artistry, in different collections – the elegant, the stylish, the youthful and the modernistic.

Pepe Torres comes with 20 years of working experience in fashion industry including the luxury brands of MANGO, Burberry, Loewe, Pronovias and Carolina Herrera. His appreciation towards European Savior-faire (style) is evident in his designs in the BONIA Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection.

Pepe Torres aspired to be a fashion designer since his youth, and has been sketching and drawing designs during his childhood days. Following his passion, he decided further his fashion knowledge in a fine art school during year 1989 and successfully graduated as a Bachelor of Art.

Pepe Torres is currently the art director of Twelve Design Consultants, and believes that being a strong team player is the main key to a successful life. As a creative director of BONIA, Pepe Torres used his energy and passion coupled with an open mind to come up with some innovative designs – from research of trends, shapes and qualities, to the interpretation of ideas and concepts of upcoming collection.




“Usually, I draw my inspiration from travelling, participating in tour, reading a book or from a fashion catwalk. As a creative person, you can find your creativity anywhere.” says Pepe Torres. Pepe Torres decided to work with BONIA as he was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of BONIA through its leather goods and apparel. “Besides, it would be interesting to learn more about Asian cultures – a cross-cultures learning process.” he added.

Pepe Torres decided to turn the upcoming BONIA collection into a contemporary collection with commercial approach – beautifully designed sellable and functional items that consist of innovative designs and splendid concept which made of finest quality materials.

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