Panasonic Lumix GF7 Launched in Malaysia




Headed over to Sunway Pyramid on 23 April 2015 for the launch of Panasonic’s new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera the DMC-GF7. The GF7 comes from the compact GF series of LUMIX G system cameras and comes with a 180-degree flip-up monitor and a variety of creative functions.

The DMC-GF7 has a 16.00-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine, which can produce images with sharp resolution even in low-lit situations, and at max ISO 25600 high sensitivity. The Contrast AF System of DMC-GF7 is claimed to be both fast and accurate by exchanging digital signal between the camera and the lens at max. 240 fps. There are also a variety of AF modes including Face/Eye Detection AF, Low Light AF, Pinpoint AF and One-shot AF enhance to suit various situations.

The 3.0-inch 1040K-dot In-cell type LCD rear monitor offers high visibility and intuitive operation with touch control. The monitor can tilt up to 180-degrees and the camera goes into Self Shot Mode automatically once the monitor is flipped. In the Self Shot Mode, there are a variety of functions for shooting selfies – Face Shutter, Buddy Shutter and beauty functions.


The cute Careen Tan was the MC for the event
The cute Careen Tan was the MC for the event
Pretty Sharon and her colleague from Panasonic
Pretty Sharon and her colleague from Panasonic
Panasonic Lumix GF7
Panasonic Lumix GF7


In today’s world where people like to upload photos to social media instantly, the GF7 comes with Wi-Fi® connectivity, which allows users to connect the camera to their smartphone/ tablet. Pairing the camera and the smartphone is quick and easy, and you can even use your smartphone/ tablet as a multi-capable remote shutter with a monitor. With the remote control function, you can use the DMC-GF7’s Jump Snap function to shoot your jumping as if you are flying in the air.

Photos are automatically sent to the smartphone / tablet right after shooting using the Instant Transfer function. Photos and videos can also be archived to registered digital equipment such as a PC automatically via a wireless access point (router) at home. 



The DMC-GF7 can capture full HD 1920 x 1080, 60p (60 Hz) / 50p (50 Hz) high quality video recording in AVCHD progressive and MP4 with stereo sound. The full-time AF and tracking AF are available in video recording, too to ensure in-focus videos. The cinema-like 24p video with the bit rate of max. 24 Mbps or provides richly expressive afterimage with enhanced image quality. There’s also a new video recording option called Snap Movie Mode which lets users record video in designated short period of time (2/4/6/8 sec) as they shoot “moving photos”, perhaps a function that’s suited for Instagram videos.

The iA(Intelligent Auto) mode and the Scene Guide makes the DMC-GF7 easy to use even for beginners, while the Portrait, Child, and Scenery modes, which are used often, have respective shortcuts on the dial. The camera automatically selects the appropriate parameters for each scene when you set to the desired mode, helping you to take better photos.


The GF7 comes with beauty mode!
The GF7 comes with beauty mode!




Here are some other interesting features of the GF7:

In Self Shot Mode, Face Shutter and Buddy Shutter are integrated for a trigger of shutter release. They work when the face is once covered with a waving hand or when two faces come closer in a frame. In conventional selfie pictures, users have to stretch their arms to hold the camera, which makes the selfie pictures all-too-common. However, the hands-free selfie allows users to use their hands as they like, resulting in free, expressive posing. Moreover, the beauty functions help users to shoot portrait more beautifully. In this mode. Soft Skin makes skin look smoother, Defocusing gives natural defocus around face and Slimming looks the subject sharpened up.

The DMC-GF7’s 16.00-megapixel, large Digital Live MOS Sensor complying with Micro Four Thirds system standard achieves both higher resolution and higher sensitivity image recording with less noise. The image processor Venus Engine features advanced noise reduction systems. The Multi-process NR (Noise Reduction) works in two separate steps allowing even finer control over noise level. The texture of noise itself, regardless of the noise size, is improved with this deliberate control, which is resulting in the reproduction of smooth human skin even in high sensitivity recording.

The Low Light AF (a common feature in LUMIX G DSLM cameras) is incorporated making it possible to set focus on the subject more precisely in such as moonlight even without AF assist lamp.

The DMC-GF7 newly comes with Rec.Setting Reset button on the back to reset the settings with one press of the button.

High quality sound can be recorded with Dolby® Digital. A Wind Cut function is also available to block out most of the noise from background wind.

The DMC-GF7 comes with a Creative Control mode featuring a total of 22 filter options – Expressive / Retro / Old Days / High Key / Low Key / Sepia / Monochrome / Dynamic Monochrome / Rough Monochrome*1 / Silky Monochrome*1 / Impressive Art / High Dynamic / Cross Process / Toy Effect / Toy Pop / Bleach Bypass / Miniature Effect*2 / Soft Focus*1 / Fantasy / Star Filter*1 / One Point Color / Sunshine*1 mode. The effect parameter of each mode is also adjustable, and you can apply one of these filters even in P/A/S/M mode. 

The DMC- GF7 has a highest shutter speed of 1/16000 sec (electronic) and long exposure of 60 seconds.

The GF7 has a “Silent Mode” which switches the shutter from mechanical to electronic and turns all sound (AF, operation) off while suppressing the emission of the AF assist lamp and flash with just a single setting.


The DMC-GF7 comes in silver, brown, pink and white and is currently available in the market.

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