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The Macallan “Masters of Photography” Mario Testino Edition

[Events] 10710402_10153651705195278_8178777648245949474_o Headed over to Providence at The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur on 25 March 2015, for the launch of The Macallan “Masters of Photography” Mario Testino Edition. The Macallan Masters of Photography series features collaborations with iconic photographers Rankin, Albert Watson, Elliott Erwitt and Annie Leibovitz. The Masters of Photography: Mario Testino Edition is the firth in the serues, and sees Testino interpret The Six Pillars of Macallan through the characterisation of six individual personalities in his distinct photography style.

Mario Testino is a world renowned photographers who was born in Lima, Peru. He moved to London in 1976 where he made his home and began his career. His vision made him a much sought-after creative partner in the fashion and beauty industries, and his work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair and in advertising campaigns for Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel, Lancôme, and many other fashion houses. The Masters of Photography: Mario Testino Edition brings together six different casks to showcase the ultimate complexity. Each of these six perfect whiskies is the definitive representation of one of the Six Pillars. They each have their own definitive character, flavour and aroma which when brought together; create a single malt with depth, darkness and diversity. 11080534_10153651705380278_550967597324870475_o The Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno personally selected these six unique casks from over 200,000 maturing at The Macallan distillery to craft this limited edition whisky. Each of the 1,000 Mario Testino Editions on sale globally – of which there are four different variations, each featuring one (1) of the four (4) iconic shots taken by Mario – are presented in a beautiful, high gloss, black lacquered presentation box, designed together with Mario Testino. The boxes were inspired by the subtle elegance and rich Asian cultural heritage of traditional lacquered boxes, and to add even more exclusivity, each box is individually numbered and features a secret hidden compartment. Each edition comprises a different Mario Testino print capturing The Six Pillars, an exclusive photo-archival booklet featuring a total of 20 images, shot by Testino during the process, one bottle of the single malt whisky and six miniatures from each of the selected six casks. 11080617_10153651708215278_8562510735987890314_o Testino has shot some highly recognisable photographs of the modern era, including the iconic portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales for her Vanity Fair cover story in 1997, and intimate shots of original supermodel Kate Moss. Testino is renowned for his mastery of composition – the artistic arrangement and placement of visual elements within the picture – and for creating a reflective and intense connection with his subjects. Mario Testino worked with The Macallan to create this special edition by bringing together a group of distinct characters, capturing the spirit of the ultimate party. Each character was selected on the basis of their visual qualities, each representing one of The Macallan’s Six Pillars. The shoot was conducted in Beijing, in a former palace near the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square, where the photographs showcase the vibrancy and luxury of The Macallan world, infused with subtle eclecticism and cultural allusions. 10608542_10153651708010278_7160143690416517536_o   “Whisky was the choice of drink in my country during the years I was growing up. When I was approached by The Macallan to take part in the Masters of Photography Series I decided to capture the moment when people get together to celebrate, in the atmosphere of a whisky environment – a whisky club!,” comments Mario Testino. Ken Grier, Director of The Macallan, said: “As one of the world’s truly great whiskies, we seek to collaborate with the best photographers in the world. Not just those who have the technical ability, but something more. The Macallan Masters of Photography is about the personal touch, we work with photographers with whom we have a shared passion to create beautiful collectables. Mario’s emotional engagement coupled with the level of his creative involvement, heralds an evolution of the role of the Master in the Masters of Photography series, one which has brought about an exciting visual celebration of our fundamental Six Pillars. Not only is he a historically important giant in contemporary photography, his elegance, charm and gentlemanly approach to creating this ultimate party has made him both a joy and an inspiration to work with.”

10498674_10153651707025278_6739194039106703371_o 11080372_10153651707630278_2338569807530781464_o   For more info, head over to or       10865715_10153651708625278_3859259196686945720_o   Sony @5100

Photos shot with the Sony a5100. 

More info on the Sony a5100 at

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