The Babes of the Malaysian Moto GP 2014





I’ve been very very blessed to be hosted by Marlboro M-Scape in the exclusive VIP Ducati lounge in the Paddock Club at SIC for Moto GP a couple of times and I must say that it is the ultimate way to watch Moto GP. In the lounge were lots of activities including a visit by the riders, games, quiz to win exclusive merchandise, and also lots of delicious food and drinks. Look out for my post on that wonderful experience coming soon.

In the meantime, here are some hotties I managed to capture when I was walking around the mall are in SIC. Enjoy!


10407492_941850289177654_433094910530383491_n 10401987_941845902511426_7462097997424332097_n 10151208_941825962513420_1970085762981488914_n 1932350_941825965846753_5414451693876570827_n 1620529_941848265844523_2694954002429724361_n 1606840_941825229180160_6275360325839057938_n 1606840_941824545846895_4088469567172561994_n 1455161_941847709177912_2632709076305966846_n 1017769_941847765844573_8891392142951157252_n 559524_941845972511419_5177428972280276857_n 16148_941825272513489_103002194113109375_n 16148_941824392513577_3954771572874879660_n 10689854_941850405844309_7911981940709859957_n 10473756_941825442513472_4989111435377564931_n 10441106_941846059178077_2661774311115548770_n 10431571_941824759180207_2842069128096464762_n 10411816_941824379180245_2342850453859429061_n 10411217_941825705846779_4243042851328413225_n

10661628_941825805846769_5372491018219714645_o 10714039_941825435846806_4675924548662787238_o 10678706_941849615844388_571123694532717423_n


Sony Alpha 5100

Photos were shot using the new Sony a5100.

More info on the Sony a5100 at




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