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Johnnie Walker “Make it Black” Party at Zouk Club KL and Pixie Mansion

Johnnie Walker “Make it Black” Launch at Zouk Club KL




Grace and I headed over to Zouk Club KL on 4 September 2014 for the launch of Johnnie Walker’s new campaign – Make It Black. JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® takes a step away from its association with the world of Formula One through it partnership with team McLaren Mercedes and launched a new campaign entitled “Make It Black” which is meant to showcase the brand’s edgier, more vibrant personality, a move inspired by the independence and ambition of Generation Y.

The campaign seeks to bring to life the bold flavours and intense character of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL®, and hopes to convey this to consumers through some unconventional and captivating experiences. Through the events, the brand aspires to inspire consumers to express their individuality and make bold decisions that leave lasting impressions in life.

This new campaign recently launched globally and features a new TVC featuring Italian artist Mattia Biagi, showcasing a more contemporary look and feel to the brand, and you can watch it here –

Natalie Harley, Senior Brand Manager for JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia said, “This is a new start for JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL®. The campaign takes JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® in a bold new direction that not only brings to life the powerful personality and taste of this iconic whisky but also celebrates the bold and progressive spirit of the new whisky generation. The MAKE IT BLACK event at Zouk Club KL is just the beginning and the coming twelve months will bring a number of new initiatives for us.”

The MAKE IT BLACK Zouk Club party and the following parties at clubs around Malaysia are a precursor to the main event scheduled for 31 October 2014.

More info on the official JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page:

The customary photo at the photowall

The customary photo at the photowall

Red FM's Jeremy Teo and his girlfriend Cecilia Yong of So You Think You Can Dance (Malaysia)

Red FM’s Jeremy Teo and his girlfriend Cecilia Yong of So You Think You Can Dance (Malaysia)

Joey's set was accompanied by an electric guitarist

Joey’s set was accompanied by an electric guitarist

And also a drummer

And also a drummer

And there was also a “TRON” inspired LED dance performance by local dance group Katoon Network. Two (2) of the photos below were shot using the new Sony a5100. Can you guess which two? Run your cursor over the photos to find out which were shot with the cam. The other two photos were shot by official event photographer Andy Kho using his professional Nikon DSLR.

And here are more photos from the event. Click on the individual photo to open a larger version.

Photo credits: Johnnie Walker Malaysia and author’s own


Johnnie Walker “Make it Black” Party at Pixie Mansion



I actually attended the first Johnnie Walker “Make it Black” party which was held at Pixie Mansion on 31 August 2014 where the outlet’s customers who purchased bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label received passes for the event. This was a consumer event as opposed to the media launch at Zouk Club KL where both the media and consumers attended so guess I got a little preview of the campaign before it was actually released to the media ha ha!


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