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Ancy Look in Nick钟盛忠 Stella钟晓玉[请你相信]Official Music Video

[Special Feature]

Jasmine magazine cover


I noticed that my friend, model and talent Ancy Look acted in a music video recently, and I decided that it was about time that I did a little feature story on her. Ancy who is 23 year old, stands 172cm tall, and hails from Kelantan, has been in the Kuala Lumpur modelling and events circuit for the past two (2) years. She is one of my favourite talents as she is very friendly, has the right attitude, and very obliging when I ask her to pose for photos at events. As she’s quite a good model, she knows how to pose with the products be it a mobile phone, laptop or even a car making my photos very nice indeed.

Therefore I asked her about the music video shoot and here’s what she said:

I very much enjoy working as a talent in commercial industry. Through the years I’ve learned to be patient while working and I endeavour to continuously try new methods, learn new skills, and expose myself to new experiences to upgrade my skills and knowledge as being a pretty face in the very competitive modelling industry is just not enough these days. Clients and brands look for talents with the right attitude and intelligence to represent their brands not just a mannequin to stand next to their products.

During the progress of shooting this music video, there were a lot of challenging situations which out of my expectation. The director requested me to cry during certain scenes and in one scene I remember I had to eat the watermelon elegantly with both hands without using a spoon. That did get a little messy but eventually we managed to shoot the scene.

Another challenging situation was the scene where I was pretty much nude hugging the male actor with my back facing the camera. The hardest and most awkward part was hugging the male actor intimately as we didn’t know each other before that. This was certainly is something new for me and we took about 14 hours to complete it. I was pretty nervous during the first few attempts but eventually managed to find the courage to complete the scene properly.

I was quite fortunate to work with a professional team most notably the director – Jacky who is really good in directing us throughout the whole video shoot, as well as the other members of the production crew. They were very professional in planning and creating the story line of this music video, and I really admire their passion. It also helped a lot that singers Stella and Nick were such super humble and polite people who never failed to greet us when they saw us and at the end of the shoot thank us for all the effort we put in to producing their music video.

It was a very good experience for me and I hope to have the opportunity to act in more music videos and work with more professional and friendly production teams in the future!

Here’s the music video that Ancy acted in:

And she’s also appeared in magazines and advertisements.


image (4)

image (1)

image (2)

And of course she’s one of my favourite models at events.


Ancy and Wan Li looking very elegant at the Nissan Teana launch

Ancy and Wan Li looking very elegant at the Nissan Teana launch

Ancy sporting a more casual look at the launch of IKU Japanese restaurant

Ancy sporting a more casual look at the launch of IKU Japanese restaurant

At the launch of Lenovo's latest laptops

At the launch of Lenovo’s latest laptops

Ancy again at another Lenovo launch

Ancy again at another Lenovo launch

At the launch of the McLaren 650S

At the launch of the McLaren 650S





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