Saturday BBQ Buffet Dinner at Palm Hill Cafe, Putrajaya Shangri-la

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Now I’ve actually visited Putrajaya Shangri-La which is located in the heart of Putrajaya near the PM’s house in Precinct 1, twice before for reviews at Azur, which is the hotel’s modern European cuisine restaurant which you can read here:

This time round we were invited to try the special Saturday Night BBQ buffet dinner at Palm Hill Cafe – the hotel’s all day dining restaurant. With me was MHB’s Sarah Low, Naomi Tham, Charis Ngui, Jenny Ma, Andy Kho and our respective partners. Palm Hill Cafe serves both Malaysian and international cuisines and has open kitchen showcases where you can watch the chefs in action.


The restaurant is bright and cheery with tables spaced far apart
The restaurant is bright and cheery with tables spaced far apart
We started off the meal with some healthy and delicious lassi
We started off the meal with some healthy and delicious lassi

There was a whole array of appetisers including my favourite fresh oysters and interestingly enough, a canapés section which you don’t find often at buffets.

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I enjoyed the smoked duck too!
I enjoyed the smoked duck too!

Presenting the star dishes of the night which were the BBQ dishes. The BBQ section is actually located outside the restaurant to avoid the smell of the food permeating into the restaurant and sticking to you and your clothes which wouldn’t be very nice at the end of the night.

Expect a wide array of BBQ dishes including:

Grilled Cajun Beef with Mushroom and Capsicum
Grilled Squid with Lemon Marinade and Cherry Tomatoes
Grilled Chili Marinated Pomfret
Grilled Tiger Prawn with Pandan Flavour
Grilled Chicken Perchik (Kelantanese Style)
Grilled Turmeric Blue Crab
Grilled Chicken Tikka
Grilled Lamb Seekh Kebab
Chicken Rashmi Kebab
Chicken Malai Boti

And there is a Whole Lamb Leg that comes with three (3) choices of bread namely naan bread, garlic naan and cheese naan. Condiments include Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tahini, Lemon Wedges and Calamansi. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the sauces as there are many options including BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Rosemary Sauce, Mint Brown Sauce, Plain Mint Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Raita and Pine Nut Sauce.



Kebabs galore!
Kebabs galore!
I couldn't stop eating the crabs which had really sweet flesh!
I couldn’t stop eating the crabs which had really sweet flesh!




And there were also many other (non-BBQ) main dishes to go along with your meal.

And not forgetting a wide array of desserts (including ice cream) and fruits!


The top five (5) dishes that really stood out to me were:

  • Canapes – delightfully presented and they tasted great too!
  • Oysters, smoked duck, and smoked salmon – fresh and tasty!
  • BBQ crab – oh the sweet flesh!
  • Potato gratin – I cannot resist a good potato gratin
  • Fried chicken – yes believe it or not, the boneless fried chicken here beats the fast food versions any day!

I was pretty impressed with the variety of food and the BBQ dishes. The fact that there’s crab in the buffet really sets it apart from other buffets and the classy setting undoubtedly adds to the overall experience as well.

The BBQ Buffet Dinner at Palm Hill Cafe is available every Saturday night (excluding public holidays) from 9 Aug 2014 to 27 Dec 2014 and is priced at RM110.00 nett for adults and RM55.00 nett for children under 12 years of age.


Palm Hill Cafe is located at:

Putrjaya Shangri-la

Presint 1,

62000 Putrajaya



Phone: 603-88878882

Operating Hours: 6.30am – 11.00pm

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Smoking Policy: Palm Hill Café accommodates both smoking and non-smoking guests.

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (



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7 comments on “Saturday BBQ Buffet Dinner at Palm Hill Cafe, Putrajaya Shangri-la

  1. Tried it using Groupon yesterday , 1 word describe’s it , dissapointment. More than half of food listed on their menu are no where to be found . not a single shelled prawns and lamb dish being served despite several listed. BBQ section another huge dissapointment . Again , not a single prawn , a few crabs that’s being snatch up by diners and no replenish , no grilled chicken and chicken wings . Huge dessert section , but display same thing at different part of the table . They’re lucky because Groupon had close their comment page , otherwise no 1 would buy even discounted vouchers to dine there after seeing those review by others , true review.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. Guess I was lucky that there were not that many diners on the night that I went.

    • Totally agree with Charlie and coming from shangri la with such poor standard

      • Yeah that’s pretty surprising…

      • What irks me most is non existing of food item listed on their menu . And i mean the cheap bbq chicken , slipper lobster , prawns and multiple type of lamb curry.

  2. I went on the 28.2.2015. Yes, their “seafood” dish of tiger prawn (even normal prawn), yabby, scallops were non-existent. I came early at 7pm and there is only one serving of the crab and no refill afterward. Famous fried ice cream? nope none also. And 78nett is no cheap too. I regret I recommend to my other family members. We have 7 adults & 3 kids, luckly kid need not pay.

    Charlie, I have copy your comment and put at trip advisor Putrajaya Shangri-La page. Sorry for not informing you earlier.

    • That’s ok …they deserved to know that customers are unhappy for their short coming . Why put it in the menu when they’re not going to serve it. Call it dishonest or maybe lies . Shame on a 5 Star hotel like Shangri-la for allowing their restaurant to do this kind of thing .

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