Food Review – Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur


MHB’s Sharon Loh, Vivian and I visited Tsukumen & Izakaya Ieyasu at Avenue K in downtown Kuala Lumpur which is the latest Japanese restaurant to open its doors in the newly renovated Avenue K. The mall has successfully rebranded itself attracting good tenants like H&M and has a good selection of eateries and we were curious to try this new Japanese restaurant which serves dipping ramen as its specialty dish!

Sharon was on photography duty for the day as Andy Kho was on assignment in Thailand. Sharon takes her photography very seriously and I’m glad she does as her photos are very nice indeed! In fact all the photos of the food (with Sharon’s watermark) in this review were taken by Sharon! Now let’s begin.


Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU is located on Level 3 of Avenue K and is easy to spot with its Japanese themed decor and friendly hostess at the door ready to welcome you into the outlet.


The interior is mostly of dark timber while the tables are nicely spaced from each other ensuring that you won’t be accidentally eavesdropping on another table’s conversation.


Sharon wasn’t a fan of the uneven stone flooring though as she was wearing heels so guys, be a gentleman and offer your arm for girls wearing heels to hold on to.


The outlet has different specials depending on availability of seasonal items but if you miss the sign at the door you can ask the staff for the specials.


Nice and modern decor on the walls.


Salmon Sashimi – RM33.00

Fresh, firm and thick slices of salmon! A fav dish of mine at Japanese restaurants.


Koebi No Karage (Fried Small Shrimp) – RM8.00

This went oh so well with the Asahi Super Dry that I had. Squeeze the lemon on top to give it a balance of flavours. Good appetizer to start a meal.


Fried Pork on Skewer – RM11.00

This is definitely beer food as well! Delicious and tasty bite sized slices of pork!


Assorted Tempura – RM18.00

Crispy and not oily! I ate quite a few pieces!


Spicy Chicken Wings – RM16.00

Oh my! Deliciously crispy and spicy chicken wings. Certainly has a zing about them and these were finished very quickly!


Japanese Radish Salad with Scallop Sauce – Rm15.00

A walk on the healthier side. I’m not a big fan of salads but I thought this was alright.


Sautéed Pork and Eggplant Miso Salad – Rm16.00

Pork in a salad! Now that’s more like it! I happened to like eggplant as well so this was my fav salad.


Ieyasu Original Salad – Rm18.00

The girls liked this one a lot as there were salmon slices in it.


Assorted Skewers Platter

My favs were the pork, and the crispy chicken skin skewers! Dip them into the raw egg sauce for even more flavour!


Tsukemen – Rm23.00 – Rm25.00

The star dish of the night and one that is pretty rare in Malaysia! Dipping ramen! There are 5 types of sauces to choose from namely soy sauce, sesame, miso, Japanese curry, and tomato and cheese. The sauces have a rather thick consistency and the outlet informed us that the best-seller among the 5 variants was the soy sauce.

My fav however was the tomato and cheese sauce which is tangy and creamy at the same time. This fusion sauce really went well with everything on the plate – eggs, pork slices, bamboo shoots, and of course – the ramen!


Use your chopsticks to take some ramen, then dip it into the sauce, then straight into your mouth! It’s not new in Japan but it’s something new here in Malaysia.


Ice Cream

We still had a little space left and hey – who can say not to ice cream right?


Red Bean Milk Tea – RM7.00

Matcha Milk Tea – Rm7.00

I thought these were ok but I only took a few sips as I was having beer, sake and whisky and didn’t want to mix too much just in case.


Sake – RM15.00

What’s a good Japanese meal without some sake?


12 Years Hibiki Suntory Whisky

I’m actually becoming quite a fan of Japanese whiskies!

The restaurant has a good selection of alcohol and you should check out their happy hour promotions!

The three (3) OLs ie. Office Ladies - Jessie, Vivian and Sharon
The three (3) OLs ie. Office Ladies – Jessie, Vivian and Sharon


Tsukumen & Izakaya Ieyasu also has a set lunch menu with the sets starting as low as RM14.00 which will be good news for the office workers in the area. The outlet even has bento set delivery (to certain areas of course) and you can call them for more info.


Check out their menu here –


Tsukumen & Izakaya Ieyasu is located at:

Level 3-4B, Avenue K,

Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,



Phone: 03-2181 8660

Website: and

Opening Hours: Daily from 11.00am – 10.00pm



Photo credits: Sharon Loh – and author’s own

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