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Tiger Translate 2014 & Ramadan Buffet at Impiana KLCC Hotel

Ramadan Buffet Dinner at Tonka Bean Café

[Ramadan Buffet Special]



MHB’s Sarah Low, Jenny Ma and myself headed over to Impiana KLCC Hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for the media preview of the hotel’s upcoming Ramadan buffet at the Tonka Bean Cafe. The theme for the buffet this year is ‘Traditionally Memorable Dishes’ as depicted by the wide variety of food specially prepared by the hotel’s in house Chef Ali.

Expect a myriad of dishes including; Gear Box Soup, Kerabu Mangga dan Sotong, Indonesia Pecal with Peanut Sauce, Spring Roll, Tauhu Bakar, Belinjau, Acar Buah, Tempe Goreng Jawa, Salmon Gravalax ,Oyster, Prawns & Mussel on Ice, Briyani Gam Ayam, Briyani Gam Daging, Briyani Gam Kambing, Acar Timun, Papadom, Mint-Tomato Yogurt & Dhalcha, Chicken Shawarma, Pita Bread, Tahini Sauce, Tomato-Onion Salad, BBQ Lamb, Kepak Ayam Panggang Madu, Lemon Wedge, Ikan Bakar with Bumbu Spice, Snow Fish, Pari, Cencaru Sumbat, Jelawat, Keli, Squid and Crab, Seafood Parcel, Putu Piring with Grated Coconut and Brown Sugar, Chicken Rice – Steamed and Roasted with Condiments, Fried Seasonal Vegetables, Yong Tau Foo with Sauce, Kelapa Botak, Sugar Cane Juice, Kurma Juice and more.

If you love ice cream, be sure to check out the freezers full of 18 flavors of Baskin Robbins ice creams, as well as other desserts such as Agar-agar, Pudding Jagung, Malay Pudding, Jelly, Buah Pala, Gula Sago Melaka, Indonesia Layer Cake, Buah Kurma, Cream Caramel, Banana Cake, Pandan Cream Cake, Chocolate Fountain with condiments, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Pengat Pisang, Bread & Butter Pudding and many more. For those more health conscious, there are local farm fruits like durian, manggis, rambutan, pisang emas, langsat, nangka and cempedak.



Guests will be entertained by a seven-piece traditional live band with vocalist. In addition to the food and the band, the first 1,000 diners will be presented with a special Aquaria KLCC discount voucher each whereby guests will enjoy a deduction of RM5.00 on their entrance ticket upon presenting the voucher at the ticketing counter. And the gifts keep coming as the hotel will also be giving a RM10.00 voucher for any purchase on HIJAB2GO @ HIJAB2GO.COM to the first 5,000 diners.

Tonka Bean Café will be offering a special price of RM118.00++ per person from 29th June 2014 until 27th July 2014 while children at the age of six until 12 years old are charged at RM59.00++ per person. Children below the age of six will be privileged to dine for free. On the first and last three days of the period, diners will enjoy a special offer only at RM 108.00++ per person and the buffet starts from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm.

The hotel also offers Sahur through its room service Sahur Set Menu to in-house guests during this holy month at a price of RM33.00++ per person. The sahur set menu comprises of Sup Ekor / Sup Kambing / Sup Ayam, Ayam Goreng Berempah, selections of vegetables of your choice, with freshly sliced fruits, Teh Tarik and Kurma for dessert. Sahur will be available daily from 3.30am until 5.30am. The will also be spacious prayer rooms (surau) during the month of Ramadan at the Lobby level and at Level 1.


Tonka Bean Cafe is located at

Ground Floor

Impiana Hotel KLCC

13, Jalan Pinang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,



For dining reservations, please call 03-21471111, extension 3034 or 3035 /3320.

Hotel’s toll-free line: 1800 883 100





Tiger Translate 2014




Veron and I headed over to the Kenanga Wholesale City in Kuala Lumpur on 14 June 2014 for Tiger Beer’s first ever Tiger Translate event here in Malaysia. The exhibition/ event level of Kenanga Wholesale City was transformed into a playground for the eclectic with an array of live art installations in the Translate art tunnel where talented graffiti artist, Kenji Chai was busy creating beautiful pieces of Tiger Translate art.

In the main event hall, there was a massive trampoline at the Translate Jump Station where guests could get pictures of their jumps taken against the massive Translate logo and immediately shared on social media. Guests could also get temporary one of a kind, custom hand drawn designs tattoos by prominent Malaysian tattoo artist, Lynda Chean of Pink Tattoos.

The more artistically inclined guests also had the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills by drawing and decorating giant Tiger Beer bottles within the venue. As I’m not really much of an artistic person, I kept myself occupied with lots of ice cold Tiger beer.




On the music front, there was Nu disco and indie rock from local DJ trio Indiego & Co. while the live performance on stage kicked off with Mad August – anup and coming Malaysian band, consisting of talented members who have played with the likes of Beyond. This was followed by Manic Sheep who turned up the heat with their shoegaze and noise rock numbers.

Hong Kong based experimental rock outfit, Chochukmo was next. Performing in Malaysia for the second time, the 5-piece band gave guests a passionate and energetic live show. OJ Law came on before the headliner act of the night to warm up the guests and played his brand of indie rock, soul and electronica tunes.

The headline act of the event Editors finally took the stage for the first time here in Malaysia, wowing guests with their dark indie rock, layered by vocal melodies and guitar riffs kept showing guests exactly why the band was nominated in the Best British Group category at the Brit Awards and at the same time declared as one of the biggest British Band of the 2000s decade.

Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director for Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) said, “Over the years, Translate has had resounding success globally and today we are happy to finally join the movement by introducing this platform to Malaysia. Tiger’s main aim has always been to connect with our hip, young and energetic consumers and with today’s turnout, the Translate platform has successfully enabled us to engage with them. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the visual and music artists who did a stellar job bringing the two worlds together and engaging with the audience. It has always been our aim to keep the brand relevant to our consumers and tonight was a testament to that. We definitely look forward to having more of these in the years to come.”

More info on Tiger Translate at

Below are more photos from the event courtesy of Tiger Beer Malaysia (Guinness Anchor Berhad). Click on the individual photos to open a larger version.



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