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Kronenbourg 1664 Cinq à Sept Launch




Kronenbourg 1664 has come a long way since its launch in Malaysia back in December 2010, providing traditional beer drinkers an alternative to the common brands, and even managing to attract the fairer sex to drink the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. For the complete history of Kronenbourg 1664 in Malaysia which features fashion, food and lots of lovely females, head over to

But if you’re too lazy to read my posts, here a little recap for you. Kronenbourg 1664 was founded by Jérôme Hatt in 1664, and has expanded globally especially after it was acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2008, and is now available in over 60 countries. Kronenbourg 1664 comes in two variants, the Kronenbourg 1664, which is brewed from Strisselspalt hops, known as the “caviar of hops”; and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, a refreshing wheat beer brewed with a hint of citrus and coriander spice, giving it a sweet and unique flavour making this variant quite a favourite among girls who otherwise would normally never touch a beer. The brand was awarded gold medals during the “International Brewing Award” in 2004 and 2005, making it the first and only brand to bag a gold medal for two years consecutively.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I braved the rush hour traffic and made it to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on a busy Friday evening, on 16 May 2014 for thr launch of Kronenbourg 1664’s Cinq à Sept –  introducing Malaysians to the French Way of Life, with the aim of promoting work-life balance amongst Malaysians, highlighting the importance of quality time with friends and families and enjoy life’s little pleasures. 

Sink a what??? It is pronounced as “Sank-Ah-Set”, which means “Five to Seven” in French. Ie. the happy hour time from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, when the French stop work (they are quite strict with labour laws in the West, woe betide any employer who tries to make his/ her staff work overtime without extra pay!), after which French workers would head out to a bar and café with their friends or colleagues to enjoy a few drinks and bond.


A sexy can can dance to kick off the evening's festivities
A sexy can can dance to kick off the evening’s festivities


With Kenny Lim Kien Keong, Premium Brand Marketing Manager, Su Choon, and the can can dancers at the photowall


“Life in Asia is hectic and Malaysians tend to spend over 40-hours a week at work, losing out on cherished moments with their friends and families, while the French is well known for promoting a better work-life balance. Hence, we at Kronenbourg 1664 wants everyone to ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ and get that balance right, through Cinq à Sept. The French have always believed in catching up with friends for a drink after work as a way to savour life, and Kronenbourg 1664 aims to instil that important lifestyle in Malaysia, to spread joy with a few cold beers shared with friends,” said Kenny Lim, Premium Brand Marketing Manager.

Kronenbourg 1664 will undertake a different approach this year, moving away from its Kronenbourg 1664 LÁperitif Fashion platform that was running over the last two (2) years, and will undertake various initiatives to introduce the French Way of Life to the average beer consumer, including the Kronenbourg 1664 pop-up bar and office soirees. 

The office soirees promises to include various exciting activities, including a modified Jenga wood block game that instruct participants to act out in challenges stated on the blocks, like touching your nose with your tongue, or dancing on the chair for 10 seconds; head and shoulder massages to loosen up after a long day at the office; lucky draw balloon popping for Kronenbourg 1664 discount vouchers; and plenty of cold Kronenbourg 1664 for everyone of course.

So how can you sign up your office for the office soiree? Just drop an email to and tell them why you think your office deserves the party, and if they think your suggestion warrants a party then you’re in for a fun time!


The Kronenbourg 1664 lager variant is my favourite but I know a lot of girls who really fancy the Blanc variant. Well to each his own!


Look out for Kronenbourg 1664’s pop-up bars in conjunction with Cinq à Sept which will see a French-styled bicycle tour around its vicinity to generate buzz and hype. Be the first 50 customers at the pop-up bars and receive a complimentary Kronenbourg 1664 and a Polaroid photo as a little keepsake.

For those of you who are active on Instagram, Kronenbourg 1664 will be giving out ten (10) units of a limited edition Kronenbourg 1664 mini coolers during a five week snap and win Instagram contest. To participate, connect with the brand on Instagram at @K1664MY

A good work/ life balance is important to be healthy, and with that in mind Kronenbourg 1664 seeks to introduce the French way of life to Malaysians, where one could be just as productive within their official working hours and still be able to enjoy life with friends and loved ones.

For more information about Kronenbourg 1664, head over to 




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