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Food Review – Crazy Crabs at Oasis Damansara



The latest addition to the myriad of eateries over at Oasis Square in Ara Damansara is the casual crab restaurant – Crazy Crabs! This new casual Chinese restaurant is the brainchild of the guys who brought you Tom, Dick & Harry’s, Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock, and Royal Flush. In face Crazy Crabs is located right opposite Royal Flush but while Royal Flush is a more premium Chinese restaurant, Crazy Crabs has a more casual setting.

Oasis Square has a nice ambiance and has a large variety of eateries
Oasis Square has a nice ambiance and has a large variety of eateries




The large aquarium which houses all the fish
The large aquarium which houses all the fish
Some ice cold Asahi Super Dry to go with the meal - RM24.00 (big bottle)
Some ice cold Asahi Super Dry to start off the meal – RM24.00 (big bottle)
Yee Sang to start off the night as the dinner was just before Chinese New Year!
Yee Sang to start off the night as the dinner was just before Chinese New Year!
Happy faces all around!
Happy faces all around!


Salt Baked Crab – RM80.00/ kg

I thought this style of cooking preserved the crab’s flavour the best with the sweet flesh contrasting against the salt.


Kam Heong Crab – RM80.00/ kg

Kam Heong is a Cantonese name for a popular Malaysian stir-fry style and pretty much translates to “Golden Fragrance” in English. This method of cooking really adds some spice to the crabs and was really delicious!


Butter Milk Crab – RM80.00/ kg

But this one has to be my favourite! Creamy butter milk sauce which was more than enough for the crabs and the reason there’s extra is so you can have it with your rice or even order some toast bread to mop it all up!


Chicken Wings – RM3.00 per piece

Accompanying our crabs were some other dishes such as some really crispy chicken wings which were quite tasty!


Lamb – RM20 (small), RM40 (medium), RM60 (large)

Lamb in a Chinese restaurant? Well you know the guys behind this restaurant are certainly known for the adventurous spirits and this translates to the food served at all their outlets. The lamb was obviously well marinated as it was very flavourful, and had a nice char to it!


Curry Fish Head – RM60 (small), RM80 (medium), RM100 (large)

Remember those fishes in the aquariums? Well one poor guy ended up in this! The curry was both rich and spicy and was so full of ingredients. It so well with the fried rice!


Lala Mee Hoon – RM14 (small), RM18 (medium), RM24 (large)


Anchovy Fried Rice – RM12 (small), RM16 (medium), RM25 (large)

I liked all the extra anchovies or ikan bilis on the top as it added a bit of crunch and savouriness to the overall texture of the dish. This dish moped up most of the butter milk sauce from the crab and the curry from the curry fish head.

My bloggers in action
My bloggers in action
What a feast! And yes that’s kangkung (RM18 for large) in the middle which the guys at Crazy Crabs insisted that we have in recognition of our government’s “great effort” in ensuring the price of that vege is low!


Dessert of the Day – this one was shaved ice over a lime jelly. Not too sweet and a highly refreshing end to a very heavy meal! Ask your server for the dessert of the day as it varies from day to day.




CRAZY CRABS is located at:

Lot R02, Central Piazza (opposite Royal Flush),

Oasis Square, Ara Damansara,

No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,

47301 Petaling Jaya,



Tel: +603-7859 8802


Operating Hours: Daily from 11.00am to 3.00pm and 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Remarks: There is ample parking in Oasis Square and they have not implemented any charges/ parking fees yet


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