News – PersonEdge & Nokia’s “The Influencer” and Pentax K-3 Launch


Mei Sze with the personalities vying for the title of "The Influencer"
Mei Sze with the personalities vying for the title of “The Influencer”


Headed over to Hilton Petaling Jaya on 27 November 2013 for the launch of ‘The Influencer’, an online reality show in which 10 Malaysian online personalities from the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, dance and technology industries battle it out to be the most influential online personality in Malaysia. The show is presented by PersonEdge Sdn Bhd, a partner of Lowyat MSC, in collaboration with Nokia Malaysia, and will be streamed online on Lowyat.NET beginning Friday, 6 December 2013.

Co-founder and managing director of PersonEdge Sdn Bhd, Choo Mei Sze shared, “Everyone wants to be a part of ’new media’ but do not have the right strategy to operate and promote their brands through the medium. The only method was to promote through online advertisements, which has created clutter within the medium, causing its effectiveness to decline. But many do not understand the alternatives – creating contents through digital and social media experts, which includes online personalities”.

Mei Sze went on to add that the strategic collaboration with Nokia will further boost the digital and social media industry. “Contestants will be trained to be an all-rounded online personality as most of them are too comfortable with their own platform. Thus, this competition allows them to discover their hidden talents beyond their comfort zone, in both online and offline platform, which will build the credibility and importance of online personalities in Malaysia.”

The contestants include Cheesie of Cheeserland, Vernon Chan, Ben Ashaari, veteran lifestyle blogger Kelly Chin, popular food blogger Rebecca Saw, Ami Schaheera, MHB’s very own Karen Kho, Jacklyn Gan, Ah Bok and dancer Chriz Ooi, who will all be using the Nokia Lumia 1520 in six different challenges: technology, beauty, food, fitness, fashion and travel.

“Today customers realize the potential of mobile devices beyond voice and increasingly use their devices for various tasks in their daily life,” said Gary. “We are excited to partner with Personedge and Lowyat.TV to showcase the power and the multi-tasking capability of the new Nokia Lumia 1520 through various tasks. These influencers will also have the privilege to be the first Malaysians to experience this fantastic device and put them to test in real-life scenarios. We believe this thin, sleek designed, 6-inch stunning device with an amazing 20-megapixel camera will enable the Influencers to excel in their weekly challenge with ease.”

Personalities will be eliminated each episode until only one remains. The winner of ‘The Influencer’ will be rewarded cash prizes as well as products from Nokia. Other sponsors include Konji International, Love Bonito, Lansi, and Kenanga Wholesale City.

Here’s the first episode of “The Influencer”.


Pentax K-3 Launch


DSC World launched the new Pentax K-3 on 12 November 2013 at the Brirdge Bar in G Tower, Kuala Lumpur. The latest flagship addition to the Pentax DSLR that features the new anti-aliasing simulator – a function developed especially for the K3, which allows professionals and hobbyists alike to effectively minimise moiré without the need for installing an optical anti-aliasing filter in the camera. This provides users with the choice of utilising filtered or filter-free shooting adjustments to suit a given scene or subject.

Ricoh Imaging Co. Japan Malaysia Sales Manager Ryota Shimamoto graced the launch while Product Manager, Takashi Arai shared, “The Pentax K-series has a 24mp effective megapixels and a top sensitivity of ISO 51200. Its top of the range hi-speed continuous shooting is quite capable of 8.3fps and, of course, the anti-aliasing simulator function is bound to be a crowd pleaser for photography enthusiast.”

The K-3 is also equipped with a new APS-C-size CMOS image sensor (23.5mm×15.6mm). The coupling of this sensor with the newly developed proprietary PRIME III imaging engine – that boasts a highly efficient noise reduction and image processing capacities – produces high-resolution, fine-gradation images. The result is picture perfect images even under extremely lighting conditions.

Publisher of DSLR magazine, KL Yeam, took to the stage to give a brief comparison tutorial. He is regarded as an adventurous photographer who likes black-and-white photography and is a highly competent studio and street photographer who is always game to explore aspects of photography that are beyond comfort zone.

The K-3 features an easy-to-view 3.2-inch LCD monitor with approximately 1,037,000 dots (in a 3:2 aspect ratio), as well as the protective tempered-glass front panel that ups the durability factor. There is also an air-gapless construction: the air space between LCD layers is eliminated and thus reducing the reflection and dispersion of the light which is vital to visibility during outdoor shooting. The K-3 is also capable of allowing recorded images to be inspected at life-size magnification during playback.






The launch also saw the unveiling of the limited Premium Silver Edition of the K-3 – only 2,000 units are available for sale worldwide. Boasting a silver body and grip, this stunning addition perfectly complements the silver versions of the Pentax’s stable of silver high performance limited series lenses that are designed for unrivalled image rendition.

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