Glenmorangie Boardwalk Empire Party 161113


It was a trip back in time where we got to revisit the glitz and glam of the roaring 20’s where mobsters and gangsters toting tommy guns ruled Chicago at the Glenmorangie Boardwalk Empire party on 16 November 2013 at Signature by The Hill, The Roof First Avenue Bandar Utama.

At the event, we got to enjoy the Glenmorangie Zest Serve – a drink consisting of tangerine zest infused water added to a shot of Glenmorangie Original to complement the notes of vanilla and citrus zest of the Glenmorangie Original, and were entertained with tunes from the 1920’s, as well as EDM swing beats by DJ Justin from the Netherlands.

Glenmorangie believes in being “Unnecessarily Well Made”, with it’s whisky made by using the tallest distillery stills in Scotland, to sourcing the finest white oaks for maturation casks that are only ever used twice, and thus carries that spirit (and their spirits) over to their parties and events.


A swankily delicious welcome indeed!
A swankily delicious welcome indeed!
Guys received a set of exclusive Glenmorangie orange bow ties and suspenders, which is in line with the brand's Orange Parties.
Guys received a set of exclusive Glenmorangie orange bow ties and suspenders, which is in line with the brand’s Orange Parties.
Signature by The Hill in The Roof was transformed into an ornage playground with a Baccarat table where guests were given complimentary tokens to try their luck, with two winners each walking away with a bottle of Glenmorangie Original.
With naughty Aries
With naughty Pearl
Cheeky Amanda
May, ? and Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng (L-R)

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