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Sothy’s Lifeline, BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Awards 2013


The BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Awards 2013

Attended the BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Awards 2013 at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 9 October 2013 which was attended by over 500 guests of the recipients, Board of Governors of the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) and corporate captains of Malaysia.


The growth and prosperity of a country depends on its leaders who are its bedrock and foundation. There are leaders who have dedicated their lives and profession to the country, however many of those are from the early years after independence and many are not with us anymore. Their political successors have put in place measures such as the New Economic Policy which has benefited only certain quarters of the society at the expense of the other races that inhabit our multi-racial nation.


Fortunately despite the tremendous inequality there are corporate leaders whose contributions have helped the development of the country and their achievements a source of inspiration to all. In their journey to success, they have put in tremendous hardwork and sacrifices and their accomplishments should be recognised and honoured.


However sadly the country does not appreciate these leaders and it’s capable population leading to hundreds of thousands of Malaysian citizens leaving our shores in search of other lands that practice meritocracy and appreciates their talents. Case in point would be Robert Kouk aka the “Sugar King” who left the country and took his billions with him as he could no longer put up with the rampant corruption and cronyism plaguing our nation. 


To reward the deserving leaders in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation initiated The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Award to acknowledge these individuals and to say a sincere “Thank you” to them for all that they have done for the country, Malaysia thus the theme for this year’s award is ICONS, the Country’s Treasures.


The APBF, the only branding foundation in the world and the thought leader in branding is of the view that these ICONS are astute and influential leaders who take on the baton and drive their quests to greater heights based on their strong convictions and philosophies. Their achievements create lasting legacies in Malaysia and throughout the world. They are visionaries who are influential and impactful and they are invaluable.


At the Awards dinner, top corporate captains such as Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng, Chairman Chief Executive of Malayan United Industries Berhad, Tan Sri Dato’ Danny Tan Chee Sing, Group Executive Vice Chairman, Tropicana Corporation Berhad, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri AP Arumugam – Executive Chairman , Sri Inderajaya Holdings Bhd and Tan Sri Dato’ Mohamed Mansor bin Fateh Din, Group Executive Chairman of Glomac received The BrandLaureate Premier Brand ICON Award. The PremierBrand ICON award is reserved for leaders whose names are synonymous with their businesses and whose business empires span the globe.





The pretty usherers. That’s the cute Hanli on the right.


My partner in crime for the night June (left) with Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng


June with Dato Jimmy Choo



Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama Arshad Ayub, the first Director of Institute Teknology Mara (now known as UITM), Academician & Historian, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Educationist and Social Activitist, Datuk Rasammah Bhupalan were awarded The BrandLaureate Most Eminent Brand ICON Leadership Award. These are respected icons who have contributed significantly to nation building and are known for their strong convictions, principles and values in life.


In the Great Entrepreneur Brand ICON category, Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh – Chairman of Nadi Corps Holdings, Mr Lai Voon Hon, Executive Director of Ireka Corporation, Datin Winnie Loo, Founder & Group Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above and Mr Robert Loh, Founder & Managing Director of Lord’s Tailor received their awards respectively.


Datin Paduka Mother A. Mangalam S Iyaswamy Iyer , the President of The Pure Life Society, Sazali Samad, Malaysia’s top National Body Builder and Indonesian top artiste, Harvey Mailohollo were awarded The BrandLaureate Grand Master Brand ICON Award, reserved for icons who are the masters of their trade and are highly committed to their causes.


The highlight of the evening was the conferment of The BrandLaureate Legendary Brand ICON Award to YABHG Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Datuk Seri Utama Hj Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob, Governor of Melaka and The BrandLaureate Grand Prix D’ Excellence Brand ICON Leadership Award to YABHG Tun Mohammad Hanif bin Omar – Former Inspector General of Police and President of Malaysian Institute of Management.


The BrandLaureate Man of the Year Brand ICON Leadership Award went to YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Low Keng Huat, Founder & Chairman of Low Keng Huat Berhad while The BrandLaureate Woman of the Year Brand ICON Leadership Award was awarded to YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Jemilah Mahmood. Datuk Nicol Ann David, the No.1 squash player in the world, received The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award.


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Rollmodels Academy – The Profile Maker Seminar

Now if you want to someday be recognised as an icon you’ve got to start from somewhere and here’s where you can gain some knowledge and insight into the world of personal branding.




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Sothy’s The Lifeline Launch

SOTHYS aims to provide answers to every skin problem using methods that are effective yet pleasurable, and in harmony with nature. A family brand born based on the philosophy of cure and treatment, SOTHYS’ success is guided by a commitment to quality and excellence, the importance of human values and French production.


SOTHYS employs a dedicated and talented team of professionals responsible for many cosmetic breakthroughs including being the first brand to invent the world’s first concentrated serum in ampoule form. Through its collaboration with beauty institutes, SOTHYS has become the market leader and industry’s innovator in producing synergistic beauty programmes, sophisticated treatment procedures, exclusive and professional methods of body care and high-performance homecare products.


The luxury skincare brand produces formulations that have stood the test of time, employing stringent pharmaceutical production teamed with sensorial pleasures. SOTHYS excusive global method, Digi-Esthétique® is an original technique specially developed to heighten the effectiveness of the treatments and the assimilation of active ingredients. By combining Eastern and Western acupressure methods and massage procedures, SOTHYS is able to achieve absolute effectiveness and wellbeing.


The brand complies with the most stringent international regulations and adheres to the highest standards of production to create formulas with minimum preservatives, and maximum tolerance and safety. SOTHYS’ international presence in prestigious spas around the world is a testament of its legendary formulations, excellence in treatments and product quality.


MHB's Kay attended the launch with me at Elegantology in Publika, KL.

MHB’s Kay attended the launch with me at Elegantology in Publika, KL.



The skin is the largest organ in our body; its functions begin from the very first day of life supplying energy reserves that acts as the source of multiple functions for the skin. Once the skin loses its elasticity deprived of energy, it quickly shows signs of ageing, dullness, tiredness and lifelessness.

SOTHYS known for its Advanced Research and highly innovative solutions finally reveals the gem from a distant land. The Siberian Ginseng, a miraculous plant with active ingredients that makes a major supplement to source extraordinary abilities and optimise skin’s function for every skin’s needs.

This unique plant survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planet’s most severe environments: Siberia. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance general well-being, and when used therapeutically, the Siberian Ginseng is renowned for slowing aging processes of the skin.

Siberian Ginseng– is a shrub that is very resistant to extreme Siberian cold. It is famous for its adaptogenic properties and for the whole range of minerals peculiar only to this type of ginseng. In Russia this plant has been traditionally used to heal infections, cure diseases and improve the look of the skin.


SOTHYS developed THE LIFELINE (FIL DE VIE™) principle which aims to PROTECT, STIMULATE, REGENERATE and COMFORT the integrity of the skin’s energy reserves in order to restore and prolong youthfulness. Specially innovated and formulated LIFELINE (FIL DE VIE™) Energizing Intensive Treatment with Siberian Ginseng works synergistically with LIFELINE (FIL DE VIE™) Energizing Homecare and other SOTHYS products that will further increase resistance to stress and ageing skin, illuminating the skin and revealing its youthfulness like never before.





THE LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream (50ml) – RM590.00


THE LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream ( 50ml ) RM590.00


Renew the appearance of the skin during the night so that the skin looks more luminous in the morning.



The skin’s energy reserves with Siberian Ginseng


Active Ingredient

Siberian Ginseng’s adaptogenic properties work to improve and boost skin’s quality and resistance.



Pro-long cell regeneration actions, eliminating toxins built-up during the day.


Active Ingredients

Glycolic Acid to improve cell renewal process.

Sophora flower extract to eliminate toxin built-up during the day through the continuous draining effect.



To soothe the skin from external aggression during the day reinforcing it in the night.


Active Ingredient

Rice Phytosterols repair and reinforce skin’s barrier function.



+89% find their skin looks less tired and features more relaxed in the morning.



THE LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream / Comfort Cream (50ml ) – RM590.00


THE LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream / Comfort Cream ( 50ml ) RM590.00

Reveal the skin’s youthfulness by restoring its luminosity and radiance.


The skin’s energy reserves with Siberian Ginseng


Active Ingredient

Siberian Ginseng’s adaptogenic properties work to improve and boost skin’s quality and resistance.



Increase the cell’s energy level.


Active Ingredients

Yeast extract stimulates the ATP production to help cell produce new energy.

Rice Properties providing nutrients supply.



Stimulate cellular regeneration, eliminating toxins and strengthens skin barrier.


Active Ingredients

Lupine extract helps improve cellular energy level and renewal reinforces the skin’s architecture. It also helps to improve microcirculation which eliminates toxins.



+80% find their skin more luminous and appears younger.


FREE travel size worth RM189

The travel size Energizing Night Cream worth RM189 that comes free with the LIFELINE Energizing Coffret set.


The LIFELINE Energizing Coffret set consist of one 50ml LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream, one 50ml LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream, a FREE travel size worth RM189.00 and RM200.00 Energizing Intensive Treatment rebate voucher for only RM888.00 (normal price is RM1,569.00)

The LIFELINE Energizing Homecare is made available at all SOTHYS Flagship Salons and SOTHYS Premium Salons nationwide.

For more info head over to for salon locations

or follow Sothy’s on Facebook at for latest promotions and updates.



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