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MTV World Stage 2013 Live in Malaysia



The venue was the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
The venue was the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach



MTV VJs Hanli (on the left who I think is really really cute) and Alan (right)
MTV VJs Hanli (on the left who I think is really really cute) and Alan (right) hosted the show


MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 heated up the Surf Beach in Sunway Lagoon on 8 September 2013 to sizzling levels despite the rain and featured a stellar line-up of all-male performers with Robin Thicke, Far East Movement , EXO and Joe Flizzow, who ignited the stage with a collective explosion of R&B, hip-hop and K-pop performances.


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Joe Flizzow opened the night with an energetic performance of five songs (Iller Iller, Untukmu, All Around My World, Havoc and Who Do It Better), which included a collaboration with SonaOne and Altimet on Havoc.




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This was followed by EXO who got all the females in the audience into a wild frenzy when they glided, danced and howled through throngs of fans during the show-stopping performance featuring Wolf, History, 365 and Growl.



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Far East Movement (FEM) kept the energy level up with a twelve-song medley that included Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things, Like a G6, Illest, So What, If I was You, Jello, Change Your Life, Rocket, Get Up (Rattle), Rocketeer and Live My Life. Fans sang along with Rocketeer, which they remixed with Alicia Keys’ No One, and FEM climaxed their performance with crowd favorite, Turn Up the Love.



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Closing the show was Robin Thicke, who was accompanied by three female vocalists. He delivered a sexy, soulful and fun performance of nine songs, including Give It 2 U, Take It Easy on Me, Feel Good, Oh Shooter, Lost Without U, Shaking It For Daddy and Blurred Lines.

Thicke encouraged fans to never give up their dreams even if it comes later for some, referring to his new-found fame that emerged recently with the hit “Blurred Lines”. He played an emotionally-charged rendition of Dreamworld in true R&B fashion. Chart-topping Blurred Lines was the obvious audience favorite of his performance, with fans singing alongside with him. He ended his performance with a display of fireworks in his final performance with Clique.

The MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013’s full show premieres on Saturday, 21st September 2013 @ 10.30am (TH/WIB), 11.30am (SIN/HK/PH), 12.30pm (MALAYSIA).

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Photo credits:

MTV Asia

Kristian Dowling

Alec Wong

Lucas Lau

Rizki Maulana

Video footage courtesy of MTV Asia.


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