Sneak Peak – New DSLM & Micro 4/3 System Cameras to Launch Tomorrow!


A new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera will be unveiled tomorrow morning. This camera produces great picture quality with it’s 16.05 megapixel sensor, upgraded engine and low light auto focus. At the same launch a new micro 4/3 mirrorless system camera will also be revealed.

In the DSLM cam, the image quality is improved from previous models by having a new noise reduction that dramatically suppresses low-frequency noise without compromising on image clarity.

It also has incredible low light auto-focus without us utilising the AF assist lamp (yes we tried and were mightily impressed), shoots up to 60p full HD video, and has WiFi and NFC connectivity!

Now this is a killer cool feature…you can remotely shoot using your smartphone which is connected to the camera.

OK I’m not going to give away any more details. You’ll just have to wait for my post on the official launch.

To keep it’s identity a secret I had to tape up all the branding on the DSLM cam but don’t fret, all will be revealed tomorrow. In fact I’ll even share some “live” updates on my Facebook so do follow me at


1043985_10151980317880278_1056504889_n 1000044_10151980317665278_686554222_n 1002400_10151980317720278_905044608_n


Psst! I left a little clue in one of the photos…see if you’re observant enough!

I will add some photos taken with the camera after I get back from the Kirin beer and food pairing later tonight.

Update – As promised. Here are some photos from the beer and food pairing.


1045243_10151981933655278_207116197_n 421839_10151981931245278_603547751_n 946526_10151981931775278_1588391814_n 971295_10151981929825278_176025767_n 1002819_10151981934650278_1843848421_n 1010230_10151981931985278_1638984420_n 1016516_10151981933125278_1663754636_n 1016768_10151981927705278_512210799_n 1043986_10151981930320278_1753697253_n 1044858_10151981929735278_1224875726_n



The beer and food pairing was held in Daikanyama which had rather dim lighting but even though we were using the kit lens with a max aperture of F3.5 the photos still turned out bright and crisp and with no noticeable noise despite us shooting at high ISO.

I’m quite impressed with the performance of the camera.

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates! Will be posting on the official launch soon.

Photo credits: Food pairing by Andy Kho, photos of the camera are author’s own


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3 comments on “Sneak Peak – New DSLM & Micro 4/3 System Cameras to Launch Tomorrow!

  1. Denise Lau

    Panasonic Lumix?

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