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McDonald’s ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ Weekend


Dragged myself out of bed on Saturday, 19 January 2013 (the morning after attending Swedish House Mafia in Sunway Lagoon https://timchew.net/2013/01/22/swedish-house-mafia-live-in-kuala-lumpur/ to attend the McDonald’s ‘Prosperity Give Back’ launch at McDonald’s Kota Damansara which fortunately is pretty near my house.

If you’re having McDonald’s this weekend (19 and 20 January 2013) make sure you order a ‘Prosperity Burger Meal’ as RM1.00 from each meal will be donated to the ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ campaign. The campaign aims to raise proceeds for more than 60 charity homes in Malaysia.

‘Prosperity Gives Back’ spokespeople Leya of Hot FM, Phat Fabes of Fly FM and Nicholas from One FM, plus celebrity volunteers such as 8TV Quickie hosts Julie Woon and Megan Tan, as well as violinist Dennis Lau and actress and singer Chelsia Ng were on hand to serve customers as well as raise awareness for the campaign.

I’ve a confession…I’ve been a fan of the Prosperity Burger (and admittedly also the Samurai Burger and the Sambal Burger) since it was launch back in 1994. The Prosperity Burger is a wholly Malaysian creation developed in Malaysia for Malaysians and since its introduction has been so successful that it is also served in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger consists of the meat patty which is made with either chicken and beef and dipped in a signature black pepper sauce then topped with slivered onions and tucked in warm sesame bread. The meal comes with the incredibly addictive Twister Fries and the Prosperity McFizz. If you’re really hungry you might want to try the double Prosperity Burger!

MHB’s Vivian Gan
The celebrities serving a customer. What a surprise it must have been to walk up to the counter and get served by a bunch of celebs!
Ronald McDonald and the celebs with the children from Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan
8TV’s Julie Woon and Megan Tan learning how to handle the cash register
The beef and chicken prosperity sets which comes with delicious Twister Fries and the Prosperity McFizz
Vivian really likes spicy food. She’s one sweet looking little cilipadi!
Fly FM’s Phat Fabes taking orders at the drive-thru counter
This outlet has a McCafe which to my surprise serves up more than just coffee. Didn’t try the cakes and pastries though as I was stuffed with Prosperity Burgers.
However Vivian and myself did try the coffee and I must say that it’s pretty good for the price we paid (RM4.50 to 5.50). They even take the trouble to do some coffee art!


When the campaign was first introduced in 2011, RM286, 000 was raised and distributed across 44 charitable organisations. In its second year, RM395, 828.80 was raised and distributed across 52 local charitable organisations. This year, McDonald’s aim is to reach out to more than 60 charity homes throughout Malaysia and raise as much as funds as possible.

BTW if you missed out on the weekend you can still help by donating your loose change into the coinbox at the counters. The accumulation of a little change from a lot of people can go a long way to help those in need.

The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger is available from 26th November 2012 to 17th February 2013.

Log on to www.mymcd.com.my/prosperity to read stories of true ‘PROSPERITY’ shared by our fellow Malaysians.

More info at http://www.facebook.com/My.McDonalds

More photos at https://www.facebook.com/myhotbloggers

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