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Moto GP 2012 – Marlboro M-Scape VIP Lounge Experience


I was given the opportunity to experience the Marlboro M-Scape during the Malaysian Moto GP 2012 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). The Marlsboro M-Scape is an opportunity for consumers to experience the speed and thrills of Moto GP from the posh Marlboro M-Scape Lounge in the paddock. Consumers got to participate in games during a series of roadshows whereby the winners were selected by Zouk Club KL.

Anyway I hate hate HATE driving to SIC as it’s rather far out of town but this time I didn’t have to as the meet up location was Zouk Club KL! What’s even better was that there was a taxi to pick us to Zouk! Talk about VIP service woo hoo!


Povy and Stephanie with Datin Jane who arrived late and had to wolf down her breakfast
We made our way down to SIC in a bus which allowed me to take a quick nap (hate waking up early in the morning) and finally we got to the paddock and made our way up to the M-Scape Lounge! Here’s the lovely Moon Young and her colleague on hand to greet us.
We helped ourselves to food and drinks while watching the practise and qualifying rounds in the comfort of the Marlboro M-Scape Lounge #likeaboss
Valentino Rossi aka ‘The Doctor’ from the Ducati team made an appearance
And the ‘Doctor’ autographed some merchanside which were later given out in a lucky draw
There were also some interactive games for us to play to win some cool keychains
And the X2 2-seater Ducati which is pretty similar to the real one used in the race except that it has 2 seats instead of 1.
All the time there were hot girls looking after us
In between the practise and qualifying sessions we headed down to the pits for a pit walk

The Ducati garage with the mechanics busy getting the bikes ready for qualifying
Back upstairs after the pit walk, the girls were busy doing what they do best

The girls went for the 2-seater ride around the track. Povy looking super cute in her racing suit.
Steph and Povy trackside for the ride of their lives
Briefing before the ride
Then they were off for a flying lap around the track reaching speeds of up to 280km/h
Group picture


After which they got to keep their gloves and more importantly the helmets which were autographed by the riders! *jeles max*
While the girls went on their 2 seater bike ride, I went for a ride in the safety car. And no this is not the safety car. This is the safety bike and that’s the medical car in the background.
Now these are the safety cars! The one closer to me is a BMW M6 while I went in the one behind which is a BMW M5


Here’s a video of my lap around the circuit. Apologies for the shaking as we were subject to the G forces.



Marlboro M-Scape was a very exciting experience and one that the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers and I will not soon forget!


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Photo credits: Marlboro M-Scape, Povy Teng, Jane Schwan, and author’s own


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