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Join The Pact – Mika Hakkinen ‘Stays in Control’

[Sneak Peak – full post to follow soon]

Headed over with MHB’s Rachel Ng to Subang Skypark (formerly known as Terminal 3 Subang) for Johnnie Walker’s Join The Pact ‘Stay In Control’ demo featuring F1 legend Mika Hakkinen on 2 August 2012.

The lovely Evelyn, always a welcome sight!
JJ Lin – the Singaporean artiste based in Taiwan also reinforced Mika’s message to know your limits and always stay in control
Then it was over to the racetrack where a Mercedes Benz SLS was waiting
The gull-wing doors are really cool
Prominent Malaysian blogger Jane aka Chuckei with her friend. Check out the car’s red leather seats!
Mika after his demo reminding everyone to Never Drink and Drive
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Remember – Never Drink and Drive!


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