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Samsung Smart TV Launch


Samsung Malaysia launched a range of futuristic SMART TV 2012 that offers consumers three highly interactive solutions in form of SMART Interaction, SMART Content and SMART Evolution on 19 April 2012 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


Met MHB’s Yuki there trying out the features of the Smart TV
A camera is mounted at the top of the screen to detect your hand movements. Yes your hand controls the cursor on the screen ie. your hand is the ‘mouse’. Cool right? The Smart TV also responds to voice commands although you must be in a relatively quiet environment for it to work properly.
With SMART Content, families will enjoy enhanced content and connection abilities from device to device and web storage to device that is easy and convenient.
Yes believe it or not they have a fitness app for you to workout in the privacy of your own home
Already have a LCD/ LED TV? Well this Samsung DVD player will make it a Smart TV! Samsung’s home entertainment system delivers impeccable high-definition audio and Samsung’s 3D Sound Plus, with more natural, richer sound that is more harmonized. Both the home entertainment system and Blu-ray player are built-in with Wi-Fi, to provide access to web-connected entertainment as well as Samsung’s SMART Hub and Signature Apps.


Samsung’s cutting-edge SMART TV technology seeks to redefine home entertainment. SMART Interaction is an intuitive platform offering Motion Control, Voice Control, and Face Recognition commands for the TV, great for those of you who don’t like remote controls.


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