Movie – Battleship


Went to catch a movie which I was waiting for for some months now. I remember playing the game when I was a little kid. No aliens in the boardgame though.

I secretly think that every now and then I think the US military hires Hollywood to produce a movie that will get them loads of new recruits. Remember Top Gun back in the 80’s which made naval aviators look so cool in Raybans? Or Battle Los Angeles (click here to watch the trailer) last year which was like an ad for the marine corp. Well this time it was time for the navy to have their ‘recruitment movie’.

However when i watched it I must say that I was using my tactical and strategic skills developed from years of playing real time strategy (RTS) games to analyze the movie. Don’t do that! Just watch the movie for what it is – a summer action flick.

Battleship features the sexy Brooklyn Decker and singer Rihanna making her acting debut.


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