Carlsberg Concerts

LMFAO at Sunway Surf Beach 090412


Attended the LMFAO concert at the Sunway Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon on 9 March 2012 courtesy of the nice folks at Carlsberg Malaysia.

I was in the JS VIP zone which was slightly far from the stage so apologies for the video which was shot using my Samsung Galaxy S II(we were not allowed to bring in cameras).

Anyway managed to get the official photos from the event.

The crowd started Q-ing up early. Good thing I had the VIP ticket so I entered via the VIP entrance. Phew!
Official beer – Carlsberg
Jagermeister anyone?
Only 1/2 of LMFAO performed as the other 1/2 injured himself
1/2 is better than zero. Everyday I’m shuffling!
Having a great time!
The Surf Beach was packed!
MHB’s Stephanie Lim (L) with her friends
Mine all mine muahahaha!
Moon, Steph and Erin


We had a party rockin’ good time! Woo hoo!!!

Photo credits: Carlsberg Malaysia, Stephanie Lim, and author’s own using Samsung Galaxy S II

More photos on the MHB Facebook page –

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