Grimbergen Beer Launch 060312


Received the invite to the launch of a new beer – Grimbergen from Belgium and noticed that the venue for the event was the Belgian ambassador’s official residence! Wow! I’ve never been to an ambassador’s house before!

So off I went with MHB’s Mynn, Linora, Valerie, Louise, Sarah and Kate while our photographers Andy Kho and Sandy also came along.

Refreshing and addictive Bellini first before the launch of the beer. It is a mixture of sparkling wine (traditionally Prosecco) and peach purée and you can drink it and drink it and well you get the point.
Kate getting her phoenix tattoo!
Valerie preferred attention drawn to her long legs
Carlsberg’s Soren, Ambassador Mark, and Luen Heng’s Kenneth Soh officially launching the beer
The phoenix appears!
With the 3 bottles of Grimbergen!
Finally I can get my paws on an ice cold bottle!
There are 3 variants but the one pictured here is the Blonde
The girls with the friendly and cool Belgian ambassador and his wife along with Kenneth Soh from Luen Heng

Here’s a little info on the beer:

Grimbergen is a contemporary abbey beer, the outcome of passion and authenticity, whose roots go back to medieval abbey life. The traditional values have been translated into a contemporary context.

Top fermented ale beer, Grimbergen offers a large range of beers with its blond, brown, and white recipes from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content. The range includes the Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Ambree in bottle as well as Grimbergen Blanche (White) in draught and bottle.

Grimbergen’s origins can be traced to 1128 when St. Norbert founded the Abbey of Grimbergen in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels in Belgium. The Abbey’s Norbertine Fathers helped those in need, primarily by offering food, drink and shelter to passing pilgrims. The area surrounding the Abbey produced hops and barley of the highest quality and over a number of years the Father’s perfected a range of Grimbergen recipes that were eagerly drunk by patrons of the inn attached to the Abbey.

Today, the Norbertine Fathers continue to conduct charitable work in the local community surrounding the Abbey of Grimbergen. They also continue to pay close attention to the manner in which Grimbergen is presented to its consumers.

The license to brew and distribute the Grimbergen brand was acquired by The Carlsberg Group as a part of the Scottish and Newcastle acquisition and the beers are now available at selected Carlsberg high-end trendy bars and entertainment outlets (Brussels Beer Cafes, The Hill, etc. etc.) in Peninsular Malaysia.


“Ardet Nec Consumitur” – Burned but never destroyed:

The Abbey of Grimbergen has experienced some turbulent times since its inception in 1128. By the 17th century it had been burned down and rebuilt many times. In 1629, after one such incident, a phoenix was chosen as a fitting emblem of the Abbey. From this time through to the present day, the phoenix, together with the motto “Ardet Nec Consumitur” (burned but never destroyed) were featured on the Abbey’s coat of arms and in its stained-glass windows. Both the phoenix and motto form central elements of the Grimbergen brand identity to this day.

So if you remember that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series had a bird? Well this is it – the mystical phoenix!

I liked the Ambree best as it had a strong hops flavour but the girls preferred the Blonde and Blanche as they were more fruity and aromatic. Well to each his own I say!

More info on Grimbergen at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers page –

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