MHB Defensive Driving Course Powered by Chevrolet


It was a bright and very sunny Saturday morning when I brought over my Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers over to Shah Alam for the MHB Defensive Driving Course Powered by Chevrolet.

Defensive driving? Yes it’s very important especially these days to have the skills and knowledge so you know instinctively how to react in an emergency.

Here’s a little peak of what we did.



Why a Defensive Driving Course? Well take a look at these statistics!

Stats from

Scary right? Well we need to equip ourselves with the skills to avoid, react and manoeuvre safely thereby minimizing the propensity for collisions and accidents.

First up was the indoor/ theory session which we learned some important do’s and don’t on the road


Then it was on to the practical session in a vacant car park lot which was set up for a variety of techniques.

The Cruze’s ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and ‘Traction Control’ were turned OFF to enable the car to skid (so we could learn how to control a skid)


Some basic knowledge on how to maintain a car. You’d be surprised at how many of the girls had no idea what was under the hood.
Teaching the girls about tire wear and reading the tire thread
Then it was time to learn some defensive driving skills!
First up was how to control the steering during the slalom exercise
Then how to control the car during an emergency ABS braking situation
And then how to recover and manoeuvre during a skid



The Chevrolet Cruze comes with a variety of features:


1. Dynamic design with a wide track, long wheelbase and crisp sculpted shoulder lines.

2. Dual Bezel Design Headlamps.

3. Split-Design Tail Lamps.

4. Large 6.5J x 40.64 cm Alloy wheels.

5. Available in 7 colours.



1. Three-Gauge Instrument Cluster: Centre-positioned Driver Information Display sets out digital text information like odometer, average fuel, fuel consumption and average speed. Plus its ice-blue dash illumination heightens cabin sophistication and improves instrumentation and easy reading.

2. Three Spoke Steering Wheel: Thicker rim design enhances grip and feel while driving.

3. Integrated Centre Stack: Advanced integrated centre panel with graphic infotainment display, radio, HVAC controls and a 6-CD changer with MP3 compatibility.


Comfort and Convenience

1. Rain Sensing Wipers: Automatically starts when precipitation is detected and adjusts wiper speed based on rain intensity.

2. Smart Screen: A graphic information display on which numerous settings are possible. It also detects outside temperature and shows date and time.



1. Dual Airbags: Equipped with dual front airbags.

2. Anti Lock Braking System (ABS): Prevents the wheels from locking while braking and allows the driver to maintain steering control, especially on slippery surfaces.

3. All Wheel Disc Brake: Provides excellent stopping and stable braking capability, reduces brake noise and enhances pedal feel.

4. Front and Rear Crumple Zone: Maximises your safety by absorbing the energy from an impact.



Cruze 1.8LT = RM98,716.40 (without insurance)

Cruze 1.8LT Special Edition = RM116,716.40 (without insurance)


More info on Chevrolet at

More photos on the MHB Facebook page –



Thank you Chevrolet
Thank you Chevrolet


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