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CNY 2012 Day 2 and 3 at Mois, Upper Penang Road

As usual during CNY I will head up north to my mom’s hometown which is the beautiful, sunny, hot, and jammed island of Penang!

Mois Club! The most happening spot in Georgetown!

And will definitely bump into my friends who are back in their hometown of Penang for the CNY holidays. What’s more they will introdue their pretty friends to me! Thanks Annie!

Lion dance at the entrance!

Now this is the first time I’ve ever seen a lion dance inside a club

Joey and her friend. Penang girls are so pretty!

Juwei Teoh plastic surgery

Juwei Teoh and her sister

Lovely FHM Incoming Girl Fernnie Wong

Spot the 2 sisters!

Joey and Jo

Jenni and Joey

2 nights of partying with loads of pretty Penang girls in Mois! I must definitely go to Penang more often!

More photos on my Facebook page –


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