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Carlsberg’s A Class Experience (ACE) Graduation Party 150112


Carlsbserg Malaysia invited Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers to join their A Class Experience (ACE) Graduation Party on 15 January 2012 at the Saujana Hotel KL with the theme of the night being ‘ACE in Wonderland’. Yes it was a costume party!

Supergirl and Lara Croft
The Carlsberg and Kronenbourg girls that kept us well watered that night
Supergirl, Sleeping Beauty, Lara Croft and Snow White
There were games for best-dressed - here is Superman rescuing a damsel in distress!
Andy dressed up as a erm...king? spy? I don't know...
Vampire versus Lara Croft. Hmmm don't think you can kill a vampire with a gun though...

The party was to celebrate the graduation of students of the programme which among many things taught participants the correct way to store, pour and serve beer ie. beer education.

This resulted in a better beer experience for consumers in the selected outlets which participated as consumers get to taste the beer in the best possible way with it being stored and served at the correct temperature, served in a properly cleaned glass, and with the correct amount of head (foam) which is important to prevent your beer from oxidizing.

More info on Carlsberg at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page –

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