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Where to go on new year’s eve has always been a headache for me. The super crowded and jammed Bukit Bintang area?Zouk Club KL? House party? Well this year I decided to party with the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers‘ babes at somewhere out of the ordinary – Red Carpet Avenue at ENCORP Strand in Kota Damansara.

Located out of the city and just 5 minutes from my house in Tropicana (and in between the Sunway Giza area and the Giant hypermarket), Red Carpet Avenue is a relatively new property development and currently houses restaurants, cafes, bars and night entertainment outlets under its roof.

So after a delicious dinner of Penang food at The Wok Cafe which incidentally is also located at ENCORP Strand, we merrily pranced over to Red Carpet Avenue and got ourselves settled in at the media area.

In the lineup of performers were Mizz Nina; hip hop artiste Joe Flizzow; rock band, Pop Shuvit; indie-darling, Reza Salleh; Neo-Soul crooner, Najwa Mahiaddin; and violin virtuoso, Dennis Lau and his compatriot, world-ranked beat boxer, Shawn Lee, while Barsonic’s resident DJ, Davern Koh aka HypeEmBeats and Jee Hoe of DJ collective Melee Punks.

Red Carpet Avenue was already buzzing by the time we reached
The sexy hosts of the night were none other than 8TV's Julie Woon and Megan Tan
The Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers' babes with our preferred drink to celebrate special occasions - Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve!
Mizz Nina performed and got the house movin' to her hits!
While some aerial acrobatics totally wowed the crowd
Homegrown Malaysian band Pop Shuvit rocked the party!
While the Laserman performance was definitely one of the most surprising and memorable performance of the night. Check out my little video below.
Amazing beatboxer Sean Lee
While DJs Davern Koh aka HypeEmBeats and Jee Hoe had the crowd dancing
Glad to have Sarah back with us after her 6 month stint in NZ
Think I almost finished one bottle all by myself. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is sweet yet smoky, a little fruity but oh so smooth. I enjoyed it enjoyed on the rocks and as the ice melted it revealed even more flavours of the whisky!
Wan Ting with Vivienne who happened to be partying there too!
And we had another guest for the night - pioneer Malaysian celebrity blogger, fashionista (and pole dancer!) Kim Ong joined us!
With MHB's resident food and travel expert Mei Yee ( who's also a model. Good thing she was wearing flats that night...
A 3D projection show led the countdown to the new year
And fireworks lit up the sky above us!

Happy New Year everyone!

More info on Red Carpet Avenue at ENCORP Strand on their Facebook page –

More info on Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page (click here).

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