MHB Goes ‘Back To Nature’


A while back, MHB was invited over to Back To Nature (BTN) shop at the Mines Shopping Fair to check out their products so I took  a little drive down south to see what it’s all about.

BTN’s products are made from the finest flower and plant essences to the higher standards
The outlet in the Mines Shopping Fair is located at L2-K5 which is right opposite the Watson’s pharmacy and pretty near the Levi’s store
The MHB girls were having a good time browsing the products
Check out the range of soaps! Now these soaps have shea butter, and pure essential oils added to it

The Unique Benefits of BTN’s Cold Crafted Soap:

  •           Traditional Handmade “Cold” Process
  •           Retains the Best in the Natural Ingredients
  •           Uniquely Gentle Creamy Lather
  •           Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
  •           No Animal Tested

BTN’s products are produced fresh in small batches to be used in a short period of time due to no chemical preservation to ensure our customer’s health and safety. BTN believes in full ingredients disclosure and that all customers have the right to know what they are putting on in their body. If it is in the product, it’s listed on the label.

Most importantly BTN products does not contain “harmful chemical” or ‘’pollutants’’ such as:

  •           SLS or SLES ~ Foaming Agent (That highly cause breast cancer after long term of usage)
  •           EDC ~ Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  •           EDTA & PARABEN ~ Preservative
  •           PETROCHEMICALS ~ Widely use in commercial detergent products
Fill up your bathtub with water and throw some of these in then jump in and relax!
There’s even stuff for babies like this Nappy Rash Oil
And for those of you who sleep late and have dark circles and big eye bags this is a must!
BTN hampers make perfect gifts! Mix and match the products of your choice!
BTN also sells accessories like these soap dishes that are designed to keep your soaps dry thus enabling them to last longer
Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers

Now after the little visit I took home a little bag of products and started using the Cinnamon and Brazilian Tangerine Natural Shea Butter Soap (which provides gentle cleansing and is antibacterial) immediately in place of my branded facial cleanser. Apart from the awesome fragrance (your bathroom will smell lovely with the soap in it but make sure you keep it dry) I noticed that my skin is less oily and doesn’t feel tight after washing.

I also tried the GreenTea Mask which extracts the dirt from pores, the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream which minimizes my eyebags (from all those late nights) and the Natural Floral Water Skin Tonic which acts like a toner and moisturiser. And no unlike my bloggers you will NOT get any pics of me with the mask on haha!

I’m waiting for the right time to try the massage oil on someone hehehe…

BTN’s products are manufactured in a pollution free manner in harmony with the environment and conserves resources by using recycled packaging materials whenever possible. So using BTN is not only good for you but also good for the environment! BTN’s products are suitable for women, men and even children and you may consult with the helpful shop assistants if in doubt about the suitability of the products.

You don’t even need to go to the shop to get your Back To Nature products. You can get them straight of the website –

Also do check out Back To Nature’s Facebook page (click here).

Back To Nature stores are located at:

The Mines Shopping Fair – Unit L2-K5


VIVA Home Mall – 1st floor Fashion Bazaar K81

Ok ok I know you guys want to see more pics of the girls. Enjoy this video (and try to ignore my presence in it hahaha!)

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page (click here).

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