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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge – Brazil 261111

[Special Event]

The Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge returned on 26 November 2011 with the theme of the night being Brazil (as the Brazilian F1 GP) was on-going that weekend.

The venue of the event was KL Live which was transformed into a really exclusive location with free valet service. Anyway excitedly up the stairs I went…

This was my 4th Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge. I always look forward to these exclusive JW events!
At the photowall with Rebecca, Naomi and the JW girls
Then up to the tasting area where the lovely Evelyn was waiting with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and Black Label.
The crowd was already there by 10.00pm
Headed to the bar to try some cocktails mixed by award winning mixologists. I really liked the coffee and JW cocktail but couldn't drink too much otherwise I'd be buzzed on caffein
Caught up with some of my Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers girls
Then came on the performance which made every guy in the room stop and stare (and drool) hahahaha!
Then it was my friend and ex-colleague DJ Nikki on the decks
DJ Clinton Sparks knows how to rock the crowd
MHB sisters Emma and Johanna with a cute friend
Host and MCs Chermaine Poo and Julie Woon
The gorgeous Hannah Tan
MHB's Ashley Mah and Emma
MHB's Johanna, Wilee and Stephanie with MHB photographer Sandy
And all this time I kept an eye on the party-rocking performances on the stage
Eye candy galore!


Anyway here’s a little video I made


But I think you’d better watch the official one

Keep Walking!

Remember – Winners Never Drink and Drive!

More info on Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge at

More photos on my Facebook page (click here).

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