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We All Love Our Samsung Galaxy S II


As you guys know, sometime back I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II and I must say that the smartphone has really changed my life!

What a beauty! She's super fast too!

I now update my Facebook and twitter on the go with photos using the 8MP camera while staying in touch with friends is a breeze with the many IM apps available! My thousands of contacts are now organised and I now check my email on the gowhenever I need to.

But there are people who are more in love with their Samsung Galaxy S II and for them Samsung Mobile has created a little microsite to allow their S II owners to profess their love for the phone.

Check it out here –

Click this image to go to the microsite

Glad that dude didn’t fall down the escalator…

Anyway entertaining? Ok lor…then I clicked the ‘Click Here’ button (yes I couldn’t help it!) to see what else there was on the site which brought me to a page where you can request the actors to ‘perform’ what you type in the box at the bottom left of the screen.

Hint – if you like hot girls (like me) try to type ‘DRINK’ and then click the ‘Play’ icon.



Done it yet?



She’s cute right? Hahahahaha! That’s Jenvine Ong who is one of the finalists of the iFeel Girl Search 2011.

The hot Jenvine Ong!!!

Anyway if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S II user and would like to profess your love to your phone as well, simply log into the microsite (, shoot a little video of yourself with the phone and upload it. I even hear rumours that Samsung might compile all these videos into an upcoming music/ viral video so imagine millions of people around the world watching you!

You might just be the next YouTube sensation…


Speaking of YouTube. I just found this little video and I had to update this post to gloat.

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