Marketing #001


A little reminder to marketers out there. If you’re going to hire promoters to promote your product/ service and your uniform consists of a short skirt, make sure you arrange a viewing with the agent to ensure the promoters have the right goods (ie. no Thunder Thighs)…

Remember! These promoters are your brand ambassadors as they are representing your brand and pushing your product/ service. If they look like crap that means your brand/ product/ service is crap too and which consumer in the right mind will pay for crap? So try not to be Uncle Scrooge and do fork out a bit more to get quality girls and nice uniforms to go along.

Here’s an awesome example of the uniform and promoters fitting properly.

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Managing Editor and Founder of MHB Digital - More than 15 years of media, marketing, and management experience with various media owners and publishers.

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