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Pistol and Shotgun Shooting Day 020711

Now I’ve always wanted to hold a real gun and shoot it. Probably thanks to all the action movies that I’ve been watching since I was young. Lately I’ve been watching a reality TV series on one of the documentary channels on Astro called Top Shot and its 2nd season Top Shot 2 featuring a bunch of competitors vying for a $200,000 USD prize for being the top shot. So when I saw a shooting deal on one of our local ‘group buying’ websites I didn’t hesitate to call up a couple of buddies and bought some vouchers.

So one fine Saturday afternoon, we decided to blow off some steam. Here’s what went down.

Got there around 11am and the first we saw as we entered the club were turkeys! No the turkeys are not the targets in case you were wondering.

Wearing ear muffs (noise protection) as the noise when a gun is fired is very very loud even though we were outdoors.

There were 2 groups of shooters ahead of us so after waiting patiently it was finally our turn to shoot! First up was the semi-auto 9mm Glock which is used by law enforcement personnel all over the world! Yes this is the gun you see in CSI and NCIS and all those American police movies and dramas! Woo hoo!

We were assigned an expert trainer who first of all taught us the safety aspects. As this is not paintball or lasertag, the safety precautions are designed for everyone’s safety and were paramount throughout the entire session.

After the safety briefing we were taught how to load the 9mm bullets into the Glock’s magazine then load and chamber the gun. Next is the proper stance and way to hold the gun. The first shot was at a paper target 5 meters away. Then the targets were moved further out to 10 meters (30 feet) and that’s where the real challenge began!

The Glock is well-balanced, accurate and light enough for the girls to handle it without difficulty

With the Glock and the target after I unloaded 20 rounds at it. FYI never ever point a firearm at another person even if you're just fooling around.

Only one shot was outside the black circle...not too bad for my first time ever shooting a real gun.

After we finished with the Glock we went on to the 12 gauge shotguns! There were 2 variants - the automatic shotgun which could hold 5 rounds and the break-action breech-loading double barreled (think wild wild west movies) shotgun. I opted for the latter as I've always been fascinated with cowboys while the girls took the automatic shotgun as it was slightly lighter and didn't need reloading after 2 shots.

30 meters away were a bunch of targets arranged horizontally. As shotguns shoots multiple 'shot pellets' instead of a single slug this gave us a higher chance of hitting the target than if an inexperienced shooter were to use a rifle. A successful shot would knock down the target while a shot to the red target brought all the targets up upright again.

The girls though had to contend with the shotgun's very strong recoil and some of them even got some minor bruises caused by the recoil from the shotgun pushing the butt into their shoulder.

I only managed to hit 50% of the targets which was not too bad. Very 'syiok' feeling though when you squeeze the trigger. Along with the bullet goes your stress muahahaha!

Bak Kut Teh in Klang and happy hour at my house thereafter completed a fully satisfying day!

The Klang Shooting Club is located

Lot 4417, Batu 2 ½, Jalan Paip,

Pekan Meru, 41050 Klang,

Phone: 016-205 8877 (Mr. Liang) / 012-299 5358 (Mr. Thiam) / 016-390 4031 (Mr. Yew) for more info.


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