Honda Accord Roadshow at 1 Utama

21 April 2011 – The new Honda Accord (facelift) edition is on display and open for bookings at the Honda Accord roadshow at the Centre Concourse, New Wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre which is on from today until Sunday, 24 April 2011.

Find the roadshow at the Centre Concourse, New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Featuring the new Honda Accord (facelift) edition
Heres the new Honda Accord! Ok ok this is the 1st generation Honda Accord. My late paternal granddad had the 2-door hatchback version which came out soon after this one. It was the hot hatch of the day!
This is the new Honda Accord (facelift) edition. No the models are not optional accessories...sadly.
Heres a view of the back
Now the interior - notice how the cruise control and audio controls are embedded into the steering wheel?
Pretty models are an essential part of any credible vehicle roadshow!

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More photos on my Facebook page (click here).

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