Carlsberg’s Beautiful Women and Music


Beautiful Women and Music
Miss Kelly Marie
Kellie Acreman
Sam Cooke
Charlotte Narni
Sassy Pandez
Keli Hart

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Carlsberg conjures up a mix of two deadly concoctions -Beautiful women and music

In line with the recent global re-launch, Carlsberg paves the way for 6 internationally renowned female DJs who will bring an amazing eclectic mix of music to club goers around Malaysia. These drop dead gorgeous and wonderfully talented DJs are bound to set hearts and feet on fire.

For the next two months, consumers at these clubs who purchase 1 bucket/jug of Carlsberg will get the very rare opportunity to be photographed with these DJ bombshells.

Miss Kelly Marie
London based Miss Kelly Marie is a cyclone of musical activity specializing in house and electro. From open-air events to intimate glitzy clubs to crowd-heavy festivals – like Creamfields (UK) and Sunrise (Brazil) – she’s always lively and uplifting; and predominantly spins with a hint of London/European flavour. She can be found playing regularly for many live events and corporate companies such as FIFA, Virgin, BMW and Fashion TV.

Date & Venue
13 April 2011 Gsix, Gardens Kuala Lumpur
14 April 2011 Valencia, Kuantan
15 April 2011 One Club, Penang

______________________________________Kellie Acreman
Kellie made the leap from the world of modeling to become fully-fledged DJs and has already established herself in the London underground clubbing scene. Apart from wowing the crowds with her mix of electro and house music at worldwide venues like Dubai, London, France, Greece and Egypt, she now acts in the Brit flick “The Big I Am”

Date& Venue
20 April 2011 Eurostar, Sunway
21 April 2011 Volar, Ipoh
22 April 2011 Fuel, Penang

Sam Cooke
Playing a well thought out mix of all things House, she has successfully launched herself into the worldwide DJ arena. Having already reached as far as China, Miami and several gigs in Italy and UK, Sam has quickly established herself as a serious credible DJ, consistently proving herself and her DJ talents.

Date & Venue
27 April 2011 Slippery Senorita, Penang
28 April 2011 Platinum, Kuantan
29 April 2011 Aloha, Jalan P Ramlee KL

Charlotte Narni
Charlotte started her DJ career on 2 different radio stations. Since then she has had her own shows and has worked in countries such as Greece, Sri Lanka, China, Cyprus, USA, Canada, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Croatia, Slovenia as well as many UK gigs. Playing a mix of Hip Hop/R&b, Funky Commercial House and Slammin’ Electro with an urban twist as well as hosting the mic, her high energy and fun performances always get a crowd rocking wherever she goes.

Date & Venue
5 May 2011 Rootz, Jalan Sultan Ismail
6 May 2011 Fuel, Penang
7 May 2011 Gsix, Gardens Kuala Lumpur

Sassy Pandez
Gifted with the versatility to rock every dance floor, a resident DJ in Ibiza with her mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton and Dancehall, Sassy maintains a universal appeal across both the mainstream and underground music scene. She has also performed for the likes of Jay Z, Eminem, Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and Beyonce, etc

Date & Venue
11 May bakita, Jalan Berangan, Kuala Lumpur
12 May 2011 MOIS, Penang
13 May 2011 Aloha, Jalan P Ramlee

Keli Hart
Australian Keli Hart is all about striking a perfect balance between underground sound and floor fillers. Keli’s purest love is for sexy, sassy, dirty electro house mixed with tech & fidget elements. Keli single handedly turns humble dance floors into worshiping grounds for music lovers played alongside the likes of Internationals: Sharam Jey (GERMANY), Niels Van Gogh (GERMANY), Kid Dub (UK), Soul Avengerz (UK), Skull Juice (UK), Don Diablo (NETHERLANDS), Three (USA), Carl Kennedy (USA), Hannah Holland (UK), etc.

Date & Venue
18 May 2011 FAME, Penang
19 May 2011 Eurostar, Sunway
20 May 2011 ecoba, Damansara Perdana

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