Sid’s Pubs Garden Party – St. Patrick’s Day Festival

20 March 2011 – Now I love garden parties at Sid’s Pub Bukit Tunku as I can beers at heavily discounted prices with good food to boot. The only thing is that I wish they are not held on Sundays as somehow there’s a little voice inside my head saying that I shouldn’t drink too much as Monday is just a few hours away sigh…

Anyway this garden party was was typical of all Sid’s Pubs garden parties – good friends, good fun, good entertainment, good food and of course good beer!

Harley Davidson bikes - for real men!
It won't be a party without some pretty promoter girls!
Sid's owner Geoff with GNDs Cherrie and Michelle (who's also a MHB member)
The parade started after the 1 hour downpour which did nothing to dampen spirits!
Photographer - "Oh no! Which clown should I shoot dirst?"
Erm one of the Guinness mascots got a little 'frisky'
Yes MHB's Chantelle is pretty tall!
MHB's Naomi loves Guinness!
Another happy day spent with MHB babes...



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