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Food Review – Social@KL, G Tower

[Long post]

It was a gloomy and wet Thursday night when Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) members Katherine Ng, Sarah Low, Andy Kho, myself and our guest Serene visited Social@KL, a newly established restaurant, bar and winepost at G Tower which is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Incidentally this is MHB’s first food review at an establishment in KL city as we usually prefer somewhere closer to home. However the lure of Social@KL was just too great when the nice folks there invited us over.

Starting as a simple idea, a group of friends who loved to explore cultures and cuisines shared with one another their food escapades from across the globe. They realized that all the elements they loved most from their food travels could not be found in Malaysia. They decided on a new exciting dining concept that blends a Restaurant, Bar and Winepost and the idea of Social@KL was born.

Social@KL occupies a spacious built-up of 8000 square feet at GTower, separated into three sections namely the restaurant, winepost and bar areas. The restaurant has a warm and cozy atmosphere and contains a 6-feet long fruit juice bar, the longest of its kind in Malaysia, with a host of enticing fresh fruits and sweet delicacies.

Make your way down a level and you will reach the winepost where guests can select wines from an impressive collection spanning across 100 countries, over 20 regions.

Then head down to the lowest level and you will find the bar, where a large range of signature beverages, cocktails and beers await.

Here’s what happened…

Social@KL - not to be confused with the restaurant/ bar in Bangsar/ Changkat BB

Just 5 of us this time round. Perhaps more the next visit.

Busy Kat returns after being MIA for a few months.

Sarah with the Social Iced Tea.

My friend Serene who joined us as both Cai Jin and Helen were sick that day.

Mango & Lime Lassi - RM15.90 - a very refreshing and healthy drink made from mangos, lime and yogurt.

Berry Booster - RM16.90 - good for those wanting to detox as this drink is high in fibre. Contains raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes.

Social Ice Tea - RM12.90 - this comes in 7 different flavours - Kalamansi, Mango, Peach, Lime, Lemon, Lychee and Orange. The ice tea is the same, the difference lies in the sorbet which is flavoured with the different fruits! Stir it in to flavour the tea.

Cappucinno and garlic bread? Nopes! It's the Wild Mushroom Soup! RM15.90 - This was the perfect start to the meal. Creamy, thick and flavourful, we wiped the cup clean with the garlic bread.

Peppered Ahi Tuna - RM26.90 - served with haricot verts or more commonly known as green beans, quail eggs, black olives, white anchovies & balsamic vinaigrette. Fresh tuna seared until medium rare. Another winner!

Beer for me with my dinner. Check out their drinks promos on their website which differ from night to night. One of the most popular nights is the buy 1 get 1 free for Starker Beer.

Pizza Chicken Satay - RM25.90 - homemade pizza crust topped with chicken satay, sauce and mozzarella cheese. One of the favourites among diners here.

Pizza Teriyaki Salmon - teriyaki salmon, avocado & bonito flakes. This was a most unusual dish but the flavours complemented each other perfectly.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sandwich - RM24.90 - Focaccia bread with Norwegian smoked salmon, Australian avocado, guacamole spread, red onion & capers. Perfect for a not too heavy lunch.

Tiger King Prawn Noodles - RM38.90 - served with vermicelli and yellow noodles, bean sprouts & water spinach in fragrant (non-MSG laden) prawn stock. The prawns are fresh and huge and I just loved the stock. Too bad I had to behave myself or I would have slurped it all down!

Tagliatelle Pasta “Seafood Jambalaya” - RM31.90 - scallops, prawns, smoked mussels, smoked chicken, capsicums & paprika. A feast for seafood lovers!

Slow-Cooked 16 hours Wagyu Beef Cheek - RM69.90 - served with truffle mash, root vegetable & natural juice. The flesh is so tender it just melts in your mouth. My absolute favourite dish of the night!

Tiramisu - RM12.90 - rich in Kahlua and espresso with smooth Mascarpone cream. A great way to end a most memorable meal!

Stayed back to shoot the dining area just before it closed. Cosy and comfortable. It doesn't have that intimidating fine dining feel and is good to impress you date/ partner.

The wine rack. The selection of wines available is simply astounding!

The bar downstairs. This is where the action happens after you've had your dinner or if you're looking for a good happy hour place to wait out the jam. There are different promotions every night.

Andy doing his stuff

Serene, Kat and Sarah down at the bar area. Perhaps we will come back for another visit to experience the bar and the live band.

For you drinkers out there, Social@KL is a Starker beer outlet (there aren’t many besides Overtime) where you can get the fresh Starker draught beer. You might also want to check out the different alcoholic drinks promotions that run each weeknight.

In conclusion, this relaxed and beautifully designed establishment entices guests with its contemporary designs that fully complements a blend of great food, a great selection of fine beverages and a great atmosphere.

Social@KL is located at
G02 & LG02-04, GTower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

For Reservation: 603-21644424




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