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Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s Media Night 270111

There are companies and there are companies like Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia (MHDM). What sets them a part from the pack is that they market their products aggressively and creatively through public relations, trade and consumer campaigns. An integral part of these campaigns has been support from the media (mostly print and online as alcohol is not allowed to be advertised on TV and radio) which provides a multitude of coverage for their campaigns and events.

Once a year though, they let their hair down and host us media to a night of fun and indulgence. From the endless supply of delicious food to the fully stocked Glenmorangie, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Moet Chandon, and Smirnoff bar to the ‘games room’, massage room and the awesome lucky draw prizes, all the elements and activities were well thought out with one aim in mind – so ensure everyone had a good time!

Irresistible Pleasure - so many pleasures awaited us at The Hill, Damansara Heights that I had a hard time deciding which to partake of first
Can't go wrong with Hennessy!
Bell, Helen and their friend (ok ok after loads of drinks I tend to forget names)
MHB's Erica Ting eventually arrived with her partner in tow
My Prestige magazine editor Winnie with one of the people responsible for organising the night - Sukie Ng from MHDM
Jeff, Bell, Helen and Charles (L-R)
with Kar Wai and Sukie
Jennifer and Dawn
Magdelene and Helen
I brought one of these home...guess which one!

Ok ok obviously I couldn’t kidnap the girls otherwise I’d have the mamasan’s foot up my ass. It was a good start to 2011 as I took home the lucky draw prize I was eyeing the whole night – a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in a beautiful case.

Thank you MHDM and here’s to an exciting and fun year ahead!

About Tim Chew

Managing Editor and Founder of MHB Digital - http://mhbdigital.com More than 15 years of media, marketing, and management experience with various media owners and publishers.

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