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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 280810

The normally unassuming venue was transformed into a glitzy playground!

The entrance to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

When Johnnie Walker throws a party, they really know how to pull out all the stops, well except the pitstops that is. This time around, the second Black Circuit Lounge of 2010 was held on 28 August 2010 at the Swedish Marque (which on normal days is a Volvo showroom).

This stylish, sophisticated and exclusive event was heralded by many as the party of the year and saw KL’s A-listers and socialites grace the red carpet.

Kat and Erica at the registration booth
With Erica, Andy, Kat and Wendy at the photowall

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Katherine Ng, Erica Ting, Chantelle Chuah and myself were given first class treatment from the moment we stepped out of their car with complimentary valet service being the first of many services. Then it was over to the registration booth where the gorgeous Johnnie Walker girls were waiting to fix us up with a gold coated bangle which was the ‘access pass’ to the exclusive event. The first 100 guests of the night received a bottle of limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label Centurion bottles (I missed on this by 15 mins, hey Johnnie Walker, do send me one ya),

JW girls Brigette and Cay - a lovely sight
The calm before the storm

After registration we proceeded to the photowall and got snapped by the legion of photographers before official photographer and our own MHB photographer Andy Kho stepped over to join us for some pics.

Just before we reached the entrance to the lounge, the gorgeous Sarah Lian (who was FHM Malaysia’s 100 Sexiest Woman of 2008) caught us for a video interview (yes we appear for like 1 sec in the video which you can find at the bottom of this post – LOL).

The JW girls letting us taste JW + water, JW + soda and JW + green tea
Us with celebs Reshmonu and Chermaine Poo

Stepping inside the lounge itself we were greeted by elegantly dressed ‘butlers’ serving delicious chocolates as well special Johnnie Walker cocktails. A few more steps in and there were more ‘butlers’ serving delicious finger food and a bar with two lovely Johnnie Walker girls teaching guests the different ways to enjoy the scotch whisky.

Further inside the lounge was homegrown DJ Goldfish who gave an electrifying opener doing what he does best. Next on stage was one of the top DJs in Singapore; Andrew T of The Butter Factory. But the highlight of the night had to be when the STUNNING Havana Brown took to the decks and oozed out the latest mix compilation of the hottest dance, Hip Hop and R&B tracks that got the discerning crowd cheering and the dance floor pumping.

Sexy DJ Havana Brown on the decks
I just had to get a pic with her

The rest of the night was a blur of me going around working the room with a glass of Johnnie Walker with soda water (my fav) in one hand and my camera in the other.

Great drink, fantastic performances and wonderful company!
Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers with Singapore's hottest blogger Dawn Yang!
Pamela and Vanessa Chong aka The Chong Sisters!
Stephinie with Megan from 8TV's Quickie

With Charles and Sarah Lian

I had a couple of drinks with the relatively new Johnnie Walker Malaysia brand manager Charles Wright who I must say certainly set the mark for prestigious parties in the country. It will be tough for him to outdo himself in the future after this amazing party but I’m sure it’s a challenge that every brand manager (including myself) relishes!

Here’s what he had to say about the whole campaign.
“The first Johnnie Walker® Black Circuit Lounge in April was launched as an after-race celebration party, in conjunction with our Formula 1™ Malaysian Grand Prix. The latest edition of the Black Circuit Lounge event follows the very exciting Johnnie Walker® Pit Crew Experience that saw 8 teams of Malaysian challenging each other for the fastest pit stop time at Sepang International Circuit over the past two days” said Johnnie Walker® Brand Manager Charles Wright

Charles added, “The Black Circuit Lounge is all about delivering the style and global glamour of an authentic Formula 1™ Paddock experience to our most valued guests; to give fans of Johnnie Walker insider access to the high-flying lifestyle of world racing. Of course a key underlining message of the successful and pioneering partnership between Johnnie Walker and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes that I’d like to reiterate is the Never Drink and Drive initiative which has communicated the importance of drinking responsibly, and always staying in control.
For more information about the Johnnie Walker® Black Circuit Lounge, log onto and or check out their Facebook page at

A compilation of my photos from the night. Click play, turn up the speakers and enjoy!


The sexy hot DJ Havana Brown burning the decks


The official Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge video

Keep walking and remember to never drink and drive!

Photo credits: Johnnie Walker and Andy Kho

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