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Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience

Oh what a lovely sight!

Kuala Lumpur, 27 August 2010 – Johnnie Walker, a global leader in Scotch whisky gave 48 people an experience of a lifetime stepping inside the world of motor racing with the Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience. Held at the Sepang International Circuit on 27 and 28 August, this event pitted eight (8) teams of six (6) participants each in an attempt to lead their drivers to the chequered flag.

Each team had to assign members to become team managers, coordinators, data engineers, race engineers and mechanics. A daunting task as most participants have never been so close to a race car let alone touch one. Each team had to work together with a former or up and coming race drivers to prepare and run the exclusive Johnnie Walker race cars in a 10 lap with four pit stop challenges, from the garage to the starting grid to the chequered flag.

Profession on normal days = singer. Profession today = team mechanic

Among the participants were celebs like singer Reshmonu, TV host Henry Golding, model Chermaine Poo, blogger Dawn Yang (yes THE Dawn Yang, one of the top female bloggers in S’pore and Xiaxue’s nemesis), 8TV Quickie host Megan Tan, TV host Owen Yap and Mix FM announcer Roshan.

“It’s not just about speed and bring first across the line. Even more important is staying in control, making msart decisions, ensuring the safety of the driver and team and observing the sporting and technical regulation” said Marketing Director, Diageo Brands, Riche Monde Malaysia Ashu Kaul.

Team to driver - come in to change your tyres!
What do you mean you need to use the loo now? We've gotta race in 2 mins!

The celebs joined 24 lucky winners of the Johnnie Walker virtual pit crew challenge via to experience the rush of changing a 11kg tyre, checking the wing settings, and running an actual race pit stop all while feeling the 1,000°C heat radiating from the running engine.

Throughout the competition the teams were marked on a points system and the team adjudicator observed all actions and listened to team (and team-driver) conversations to accurately score the team’s efforts. The teams were given a briefing and a practice session to familiarize themselves with the equipment and the car before proceeding to free practice, qualifying and the race itself.

Session 2's teams, JW girls and team Johnnie Walker
In 2009, Johnnie Walker brough Formula One legend Mika Hakinnen to KL!

Last year Johnnie Walker brought Mika Hakinnen, Johnnie Walker Malaysia brought F1 legend Mika Hakinnen, Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador to promote the ‘Never Drink and Drive’ message through the ‘Join The Pact’ campaign. The highlight of the campaign in Malaysia of which I had the privilege to attend was the event at Sepang International Circuit where Mika drove some very lucky celebs and consumers in a specially designer 2-seater Johnnie Walker track car.

This year Johnnie Walker went a step further by giving Malaysian consumers a chance to experience the exciting world of motor racing first hand. This experience served to demonstrate that even in the world’s most stylish and glamorous sport, staying in control, precision, passion and teamwork are priorities one should never live without. An important message to party people out there – take a cab or nominate a designated driver to get everyone home. Life is precious and should not be wasted by taking chances on the road driving under influence.

Looking forward to seeing these honeys at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

To see more of my photos from the Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience 2010 CLICK HERE or check out the official event photos and videos here –


Here’s the official video from Johnnie Walker.


Keep walking and remember – never drink and drive!

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