Friendscino Cafe Food Review – 19 August 2010

The view from the outside...nice view indeed!

[warning – long post]

The nice folks at Friendscino Restaurant & Bar invited MHB over to do a review on their outlet so I gathered Erica Ting, Chantelle Chuah, Sarah Low and Lavinne for this outing.

Two of the owners – Jerry and Jeffrey were on hand to give us a tour as well as introduce the food and regale the girls with interesting stories. Good thing as that gave me more time with my beer. Friendscino has a good selection of draught beers from local brews Carlsberg to imported stuff like Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and a good collection of imported bottled beers as well. Better still is that their happy hour promo is pretty good!

Carlsberg pint (yes a pint which is roughly 1/2 a liter not a normal glass/ mug)

RM12 (10am – 6pm)

RM15 (6pm – 9pm)

RM18 (9pm – closing)

The name ‘Friendscino’ comes from ‘Friends’ and ‘cino’ which stands for “Culture Is Not Optional”. Interesting name…but how about the food? Well we didn’t have to wait for long…

Cookie Ice Blended (RM13) - good for coffee lovers!
Iced honey milk (RM9) - for those with a stomach for lactose
Ice blended Sprazzo - orange vanilla (RM13)
Check out their happy hour promos!
Apple & mango salad tossed with wasabi aioli (RM12)

One of my favs – Caesar salad (RM12) – romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing, minced chicken and cheese basket
Cream of Swede soup (RM8) - a vegetarian soup, Swede is a vege also known as Rutabaga
Prawn bisque (RM8) served with garlic bread - tasty!
Wild mushroom soup (RM16) - 6 types of wild mushrooms, served with garlic bread
This one is my absolute fav - Seafood marinara (RM16) - the sauce is simply addictive!
Grilled sirloin steak (RM27) - I ordered this medium rare (50 - 60% cooked) as I just love a juicy steak!
Seafood pesto pasta (RM16) - Mussels, prawns, scallops with olive oil, basil leaves. FYI Pesto is a sauce originally from Genoa in northern Italy.
Kerabu fried rice – RM12 - served with chicken, anchovies sambal, salted egg, acar nenas & fish crackers. The local delights here are very reasonably priced.

Norwegian salmon (RM27) – served with BBQ sauce. Not your typical fish dish with cream sauce but I liked the uniqueness.
NZ lamb shank (RM27) – Slow braised lamb shank with red pesto, stewed capsicums with shallot sauce. the meat just falls off the bone, so tender!
Bread and Butter Pudding and Chocolate walnut Brownie (background)
Satisfied faces
Friendscino is spacious = 4,600 square feet!
Group pic with Jerry & Jeffrey to end the night

If you stay in Damansara, Petaling Jaya or beyond then Friendscino is a great place to eat, drink and chill.  The outlet is equipped with a pool table and board games while ample parking right in front is available in the evenings. Reasonable prices and good food coupled with a cozy ambiance makes it ideal for dates, group outings or even private/ company events.

Friendscino also has special events like live band night and special promotions for most weeknights. For location and contact details or to find out more about Friendscino visit their Facebook page.

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