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vivo X90 Series Officially Launched in Malaysia

vivo officially launched the company’s latest X series flagship smartphones – vivo X90 Series on 3 February 2023 at Subang Skypark in Selangor. Available in two variants in Malaysia – X90 and X90 Pro, the series delivers a whole new set of advanced camera features and all-around performance upgrades powered by a state-of-the-art dual flagship chip technology featuring a 1-inch main camera sensor, vivo’s exclusive V2 chip, in addition to the company’s continuous collaboration with ZEISS in terms of imaging and camera system innovation, including optics, anti-reflective coating, software and system integrations. The vivo X90 Series also features powerful processing capabilities, a large battery, fast charging technology and a high-quality display.

“The new vivo X90 Series combines our in-house innovation with some of the industry’s leading imaging technologies to bring consumers a smartphone line-up equipped to tackle some of the most challenging scenarios, such as night photography and videography. I’m proud of our progress towards making the flagship X series the industry’s go-to flagship line for all-around superb performance.”

said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia.

The new generation of the vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system brings a combination of hardware upgrades and software breakthroughs that provide improved light sensitivity, aperture, natural colour processing and stabilisation for an easy and intuitive point-and-shoot camera experience. The vivo X90 Series features a triple rear camera system, each with certified compliance with ZEISS T* Coating (Ed – vivo is very confident about this, even using one of my house keys in an attempt to scratch the lenses, and really impressed me when there were no scratches after vigorous attempts!).​

vivo X90 Pro pushed the limits of smartphone imaging with a 50MP ZEISS 1-inch Main Camera, 50MP Portrait Camera with a Large Sensor and a 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. The main camera on the vivo X90 Pro uses a 1-inch (Ed – a 1-inch Sony sensor – those of you who have been reading my site for years know that I’m a big fan of Sony cameras and sensors) IMX989 sensor, the industry’s largest to date. The f/1.75 large aperture and 3.2 μm large pixel (4-in-1) size on the vivo X90 Pro’s sensor increases the light intake per pixel, allowing for brighter, purer night images. Compared to the GNV sensor used in the previous X generation (Ed – the vivo X80 Pro which I’m currently using), the new IMX989 sensor’s photosensitive area has increased by 77%, with its light intake capacity going up by 43%.

The 50MP Portrait Camera features an ultra-sensing portrait lens, with an IMX758 sensor that helps to achieve an aperture of f/1.6. With the support of the stabilisation system, an exclusive large-aperture lens and 4-in-1 sensor technology, the vivo X90 Pro can deliver subtly detailed portraits, even in low light. (Ed – I must say that vivo is really a smartphone portrait specialist, delivering natural-looking portraits that my female friends like tremendously.)

The vivo X90 Pro also introduces an independent optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology developed by vivo, allowing for more intelligent and precise stabilisation correction compared to standard OIS. It also supports Active Centring OIS System, significantly reducing smears between frames and motion blur. 

The base-level vivo X90 is equipped with a 50MP VCS True Colour Main Camera, a 12MP Professional Portrait Camera and a 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. The VCS True Colour Main Camera optimises the sensor spectrum to achieve the target RGB colours better, improving native image colours, ensuring colour consistency and lowering the noise level.

The upgraded camera sensors, vivo’s exclusive V2 imaging chip, the in-house developed AI algorithms and ZEISS Optics with T* Coating work together to further enhance the capability of night photography and astrophotography, while new tools for unique and professional-grade content creation are also introduced.

4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video now comes with vivo’s Super Night Video 3.0 algorithm, supporting exceptional photosensitivity in extremely dark environments. The V2 chip ensures clarity even at high ISO settings with its noise reduction algorithm.

The vivo X90 Pro comes with an overhauled Handheld Astro mode to capture the starry sky with greater clarity without the need for a tripod. This feature is supported by the device’s enhanced light sensitivity, upgraded stabilisation technology and a new AI PD Extreme Night focus technology, that improves focus accuracy. Taking landscape moon photos is made possible with the Super Moon mode, available on both the vivo X90 and X90 Pro, which combines the hardware upgrades and the new Super Night 3.0 algorithm. At the blue hour, the period just before sunrise or after sunset when the sun dips below the horizon, vivo’s sky-segmentation technology optimises blue-tone colours while its Double Exposure algorithm integrates the landscape and the moon into one image. (Ed – the vivo X90 and X90 Pro do not have the tele or optical zoom lens that the vivo X80 Pro has.)

Powered by AI network learning, AI Night View can shoot up to 10 frames in RAW while maintaining a high dynamic range. It recognises elements such as the sky and human faces in night scenes and carries out segmentation to fine-tune the tone and colour of each segment. It processes HDR tones with a colour depth of up to 22 bits for more subtle colour transitions.

ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 in the new vivo X90 Series has been further calibrated to present colours with more authenticity and accuracy, bringing captured images closer to what is seen with the naked eye. For the first time, a new ZEISS Natural Color Display is now added to screen colour style settings, ensuring the captured colours are not affected by the display.

The Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot makes capturing motion easier than ever before, even in low-light settings. In Sports mode and Night Sports mode, the combination of the high-speed shutter and motion detection algorithm helps to capture fast-moving subjects clearly.

The series also brings new creative effects jointly developed by vivo and ZEISS. The new ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait style simulates the flare effect seen in many classic films. Users can also capture unique miniature landscapes using the ZEISS Miniature Effect. This effect only keeps a small part of a landscape image sharp to generate the illusion of a miniature scene with no post-editing needed.

The dual-chip setup of the new vivo X90 Series includes MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and vivo V2 Chip. With the Dimensity 9200, both the vivo X90 Pro and vivo X90 have achieved high AnTuTu Benchmark scores of 1.26 million and 1.22 million respectively. The vivo X90 Series comes with LPDDR5X for vivo X90 Pro and Enhanced LPDDR5 for vivo X90, Extended RAM 3.0, which adds up to 8GB of extended memory, as well as UFS 4.0 + MCQ and UFS Deep Defragmentation.

The new vivo X90 Series supports 120W Dual-Cell FlashCharge technology, which improves the charging speed and battery life of the large 4,870mAh battery on vivo X90 Pro and the 4,810mAh on the vivo X90 large battery. Additionally, the vivo X90 Pro also supports 50W Wireless FlashCharge.

The new vivo X90 Series offers two charging modes: fast charging mode and balanced mode. In fast charging mode, the vivo X90 Pro can be charged up to 50% in 8 minutes and 10 seconds, while vivo X90 can be charged up to 50% in only 8 minutes. The balanced mode is ideal for everyday charging, requiring only 29 minutes for both vivo X90 and vivo X90 Pro to get the battery charged to 100%. Moreover, the devices have a 24-Dimension Security Protection and TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certification for guaranteed charging safety.

vivo X90 Pro has an Ultra Large Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling System made with a 24-layer cooling structure, and the largest vapour chamber among the X Pro models covering an area of 4,002 mm², for more efficient heat dissipation and insulation. Additionally, an innovative frame design reduces the heat transfer from the CPU to the frame, thus allowing for key areas where the users’ hands touch the phone when held horizontally to remain up to 2℃ cooler during heavy load usage.

Both the vivo X90 and vivo X90 Pro have a 6.78-inch Ultra Vision Eye Protection Screen. The 3D curved screen features a larger viewing area, with 1.07 billion colours, and a 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut which delivers rich and natural colours for a better viewing experience. The display also boasts HDR10+ and supports SGS low blue light, low motion blur, low flicker, AI low blue light certifications, as well as a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The vivo X90 Series smartphones offer chip-level Smart Eye Protection Mode, developed by vivo and MediaTek to intelligently monitor and control the proportion of blue light in real time while balancing the colours for added eye care. The display is made of a new Q9 luminescent material, which also effectively reduces blue light. High-frequency Pulse-width modulation (PWM) at a high frequency of up to 2,160Hz is used to reduce screen flickering, while 16,000-level smooth dimming helps adjust the screen brightness based on the light conditions, ensuring eye comfort.  

The X90 Series smartphones come with Dual Stereo Speakers and an X-Axis Linear Motor for a more immersive audio-visual experience and rich tactile feedback. In the vivo X90 Pro, the Speaker Boost 4.0 algorithm expands the sound field and extends the low-frequency range, while the X-Axis Linear Motor provides vibration feedback for over 200 different scenarios. It also supports 4D Game Vibration.

The new vivo X90 Series features a distinctive new design inspired by the Fibonacci spiral for a balanced and striking appearance. On the rear cover, a horizontal strip, known as a Skyline, is incorporated to clearly differentiate the functional zones. The segmented design helps to balance the visual attention, making the camera module appear less obtrusive.

Taking inspiration from professional camera design, the new vivo X90 Series combines the three rear cameras into one “Big Eye” to create an integrated overall aesthetic. The overall hardness of the glass lens, which is coated with Corning’s Gorilla Glass and an ultra-hard, anti-reflective coating on the surface, measures 6 on the Mohs scale. It is more durable, resistant to drops and scratches, and transmits more light. Moreover, the Big Eye is protected by a surgical-grade stainless steel Halo Ring.

The vivo X90 Pro comes in a timeless Legend Black colour. The back is covered with luxurious pebbled vegan leather, which is environmentally friendly, stain-resistant, and durable. vivo X90 Pro has an IP rating of IP68 for water and dust resistance. As for the vivo X90, it comes in Breeze Blue and Asteroid Black, both featuring a fluorite AG glass back, which is smooth to the touch, and keeps fingerprints and dirt away.

The vivo X90 Pro is now available at RM4,999 and the vivo X90 is available at RM3,699. The latest vivo X90 Series line-up are available at all vivo concept stores, authorised dealers, vivo Malaysia’s official E-Store (X90) (X90 Pro), vivo Malaysia’s official flagship stores on Shopee (X90) (X90 Pro), Lazada (X90) (X90 Pro) and TikTok (X90) (X90 Pro).

From 4 February 2023, customers who purchase the vivo X90 series at vivo Concept Store will receive exclusive gifts worth up to RM1,300, including a 1+1 year warranty, 1 year screen protection and 1 year battery warranty. In addition, customers will receive a vivo TWS Air worth RM179 for purchasing the vivo X90, and a Joyoung Electric Baking Pan worth RM399 for purchasing the vivo X90 Pro.

For more info, head over to vivo X90 Pro – Pro Photography in Pocket | vivo Malaysia

Playing around with my vivo X80 Pro while waiting for the event to begin


Photo credits: vivo Malaysia and author’s own using the vivo X80 Pro

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