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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Introduces the EQE

Following the successful launch of the EQS, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia recently introduced the new EQE, which is based on an electric architecture created particularly for electric vehicles. The business saloon EQE 350+, which is based on the EVA 2 electric architecture for large cars, offers all of the core functionality of the EQS in a somewhat more compact form factor.

“2022 is an extremely important year in our electric initiative: with the introduction of the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQS and now EQE, we have the most comprehensive electric-vehicle portfolio here in Malaysia. The Mercedes-EQ brand is pursuing a goal that is ambitious as it is clear: that we’ll build the most sustainable and most technically advanced cars in the world. By bringing responsible innovation to the road, we’re driving change. The EQE is the latest example of this – and it will make a powerful contribution towards the future of mobility.”

Sagree Sardien, CEO & President of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

“After the EQS, the EQE is already the second model on our new platform for luxury segment. The EQE is the next all-purpose electric luxury sedan with the typical One-Bow-Signature Design creating fast lines and silhouette and through that a very aerodynamic and futuristic look. All of this makes the car more flamboyant and entertaining, more extraordinary and defines the next level of luxury for the Mercedes-EQ brand. With its dynamic driving experience and comprehensive range of Connected Services, the EQE is a perfect fit for the desires of a modern generation of customers. We reconcile innovation and emotionality with sustainability and we are actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.”

Michael Jopp, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

The EQE comes with a slightly shorter wheelbase than the EQS, as well as shorter overhangs and more recessed flanks. Sensual Purity can be observed in the generously modelled surfaces, minimised joints, and seamless transitions, providing a seamless design. Overhangs and the front end are kept short, while a sharp rear spoiler adds a dynamic accent. The 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels, flush with the body’s outer edge, and muscular shoulder section give the EQE an athletic appearance.

The EQE’s lithium-ion battery consists of ten modules, and has a usable energy content of 90.56 kWh, providing the vehicle with a range of up to 669 km according to WLTP. The innovative battery management software, developed in-house, allows updates over the air (OTA) thus allowing the energy management of the EQE remain up-to-date throughout the battery’s life cycle.

A major step has been achieved in terms of the sustainability of the cell chemistry by reducing the cobalt content to less than ten per cent. The continuous optimisation of recyclability is part of Mercedes-Benz’s holistic battery strategy.

All EQE models have an electric drivetrain (eATS) on the rear axle paired with electric motors that are permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM), which provide high power density, high efficiency and high power constancy.

At the top, the vent band is quite slim and extends over the full width. The avant-garde design of the cockpit is created by these extraordinary dimensions. Turbine-shaped outer nozzles are also present. They play on the notion of hyperanalogue by contrasting high-tech precise mechanics with a digital, glass display world.

The EQE is equipped with the latest MBUX generation, which was just recently introduced in the EQS. The control and display uses adaptive software to adapt to the user and provide personalised recommendations for a variety of infotainment, comfort, and vehicle functions. The user does not need to use voice commands or scroll through submenus with the zero-layer design. On the top level in the field of view, the most crucial applications are presented in a situational and contextual manner.

The drive philosophy of the EQE is characterised by consistently high performance and numerous accelerations without a loss of power. In this process, the high-voltage battery is charged by converting the mechanical rotating motion into electrical energy while in overrun or braking mode. This incorporates a sophisticated thermal concept and numerous variations of energy recovery through recuperation. Through shift paddles located behind the steering wheel, the driver can manually select the gliding function as well as the deceleration in three phases (D+, D, and D-). DAuto is also available. Additionally, ECO Assist provides situation-optimized recuperation, which determines the most effective driving technique based on how powerful or weak the deceleration is.

Based on a variety of factors, Navigation with Electric Intelligence plots the quickest and most convenient route and dynamically reacts, for instance, to traffic jams or a change in driving style. This includes an indication in the MBUX infotainment system of whether the available battery capacity is adequate to return to the starting place without charging.

The EQE concept, being a saloon with a boot lid, is well-equipped to provide a high level of NVH comfort (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). The magnets inside the rotors of electric drivetrains (eATS) are organised in a “sheet metal cut” arrangement that is NVH-optimized. The eATS also feature an all-around foam mat that acts as an NVH cover. The inverter cover is made of a sandwich design, while elastomeric bearings double-decouple the eATS from the body.

Continuous sound insulation is provided from the crossmember beneath the windscreen to the boot floor by highly effective spring/mass components. Throughout the body-in-white production process, acoustic foams are put into numerous carriers.

The EQE has two soundscapes available with the Burmester® surround sound system: Roaring Pulse and Silver Waves Vivid Flux. The sound of Silver Waves is pure and sensual. Vivid Flux is crystalline, synthetic, yet warm—it is marketed at EV aficionados. They can be selected or disabled as sound experiences on the central display.

Like all other Mercedes-Benz models, the EQE has a rigid passenger cell, special deformation zones and modern restraint systems with PRE-SAFE®. Available as standard, the EQE is equipped with the Driving Assistance Plus package that includes but is not limited to Active Distance DISTRONIC, Active Stop-and Go Assist, Active Steering Assist with Hands-off warning and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

Photo credits: Mercedes Benz Malaysia


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