The Balvenie Completes its Rare Marriages Range with The Balvenie Thirty and The Balvenie Forty

The Balvenie 25Y/O, 30Y/O and 40YO

The Balvenie Rare Marriages series is now complete with the addition of The Balvenie Thirty and The Balvenie Forty to the previously released The Balvenie Twenty-Five. The exquisite collection is the newest line of premium Single Malts from Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, designed for the connoisseur. It is a collection of three distinctive whiskies that honour David’s commitment to creating exceptional flavour through the blending of whiskies from unique casks.

The casks in the Rare Marriages range have withstood the test of time. Each cask has been patiently cared for over decades of maturation to reach a fine age. Only a small selection of the rarest casks, each of exceptional quality and distinct individual flavour, are brought together by David’s expert nose in a traditional oak marrying tun, creating an unrivalled depth of flavour.

The whiskies all have The Balvenie’s distinctive runny honey and underlying rich oakiness on the surface. However, layers of extraordinary complexity are revealed with each sip. A seemingly straightforward honeyed oakiness develops into intricate layers of toasted marshmallows, fresh fruit, and cinnamon; a constant process of discovery that inspires enduring tranquility.

“There are few whiskies that embody the true craft and heart of our Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE like the Rare Marriages range. The way each cask has been brought together is an incredibly intricate process and takes true skill and intuition. The result is something very special and one that speaks to the true heart of what The Balvenie stands for – flavours that are seemingly simple, yet incredibly complex. Whiskies that we are very proud of and excited to share with the world.”

Brett Bayly, Regional Brand Ambassador for The Balvenie Southeast Asia

The Balvenie commissioned artwork from three renowned international artists: wood artist Rebal Jber for The Balvenie Forty, South Korean leatherwork artist Junsu Kim for The Balvenie Thirty, and paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya for The Balvenie Twenty-Five to highlight the layers of complexity of the whiskies in the Rare Marriages range.

The Balvenie Rare Marriages range is a permanent fixture in the Speyside distillery’s portfolio, designed for discerning drinkers to discover the incredibly complex in the seemingly simple.

To purchase (in Malaysia), head over to Wholly Spirits Sdn Bhd (https://whollyspiritsasia.com/), Tong Woh Retail (https://www.facebook.com/TWE.Online.WINE.Shop/) or Hock Guan Wines & Spirit Sdn Bhd (https://hockguansb.com/).

The Balvenie’s Makers Project Celebrates Ultimate Craftsmanship with Malaysian Artist Fern Chua

The Makers Project highlights The Balvenie’s commitment to the highest calibre of craftsmanship by recognising the dedication, imagination, heart, and talent required to create the remarkable craft. The Balvenie and renowned local designer Fern Chua have collaborated to offer an artwork titled “Freedom and Fluidity” as a tribute to their shared unwavering passion and reverence for the finest craftsmanship.

Chua joined the group of five additional “Makers” who were also chosen from the region and came from Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Each artist was inspired by the spirit of craftsmanship at The Balvenie, which is exemplified by the Five Rare Crafts that The Balvenie upholds in its whisky-making process, including the farmers of the homegrown barley fields, the maltmen who manage the malting floors, the coopers at the cooperage, the coppersmiths, and Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, a pioneer of whisky-making who has spent close to six decades honing his craft.

Every whisky has a distinct history, and The Balvenie, a Speyside icon, has a history of prestige and pursuit. The Balvenie has commanded respect on the whisky stage of the world for nearly 130 years. The brand has won numerous honours for its signature spirit thanks to a long history of producing high-quality single malts, but this story isn’t just about a single malt; it’s also about the hands that made it. They are part of a team managing the Scottish whisky icon with decades of combined experience, and they are calloused and weathered. The Balvenie may legitimately claim to be fully hand-crafted being one of the few distilleries left with a full-time malting floor.

True champions of their trade’s methods, The Balvenie’s artisans have dedicated themselves to their job for decades, giving it everything they have in order to always improve. The Balvenie’s new partnership will aim to demonstrate the path to the highest level of craftsmanship in an effort to inspire a new generation of makers in their respective disciplines.

A true embodiment of The Balvenie’s spirit of craftsmanship, the partnership with The Makers was built on a shared passion for the creative process as well as the time and effort that go into producing something exceptional. It also celebrates each of their natural talents and ground-breaking work, the result of the unwavering passion, personality, and heart that goes into everything they create. 

This year, The Balvenie’s Makers Project project continues to commemorate the pinnacle of craftsmanship by collaborating with Malaysian artist Fern Chua to explore creativity. One of the main components of the artwork is a hibiscus, which embodies the essence of Malaysia while incorporating traditional Batik designs and fluid patterns that unite the past and present, just like The Balvenie continues to uphold the spirit of craft. Additionally, there are distinctive gold wax components all over the artwork, which symbolises the wealth and refinement of the craft.

Through her brand FERN Batik Collective, Fern is recognised as a pioneer in reimagining batik techniques. Her work is a synthesis of the past and present, interwoven with her own life experiences. The limited edition artist gift sets The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 and The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14, which are offered for sale online, beautifully display her exceptional artistry.

The exclusive limited edition artist gift set of The Balvenie DoubleWood 12
The exclusive limited edition artist gift set of The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14.

“At The Balvenie, we are continually striving to collaborate with like-minded people who share our passion to create the extraordinary, and our partnership with Fern Chua is a testament to this. We resonate strongly with her ideals for her brand, which is to bridge the traditional with the contemporary through her designs. As part of our collection of Makers who are thoughtful creators, artists, and craftsmen in their own right, each of them have a unique story to tell, similar to craftspeople at the distillery. I’m thrilled to see these stories unfolding as we present these visually-stunning gifts with purchase sets across the region.” 

Brett Bayly, Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for The Balvenie

The limited edition artist gift sets are currently available for purchase online at The Meat ExpertsWholly Spirits and Cellar18.

Photo credits: The Balvenie


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