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HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2022 – Diffraction

I was really excited to attend HENNESSY ARTISTRY – Diffraction that was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 26 November 2022. After two years of off and on lockdowns, with nightlife not being allowed to operate, big events like HENNESSY ARTISTRY was certainly very welcomed by me and looking at the crowd that evening, also by the hundreds of enthusiastic guests.

After the great reset that the pandemic caused, HENNESSY ARTISTRY was back as a high-energy night with an immersive and engaging experience for guests. After all, this was the new generation of party-goers… not so much my generation which used to party 10 years ago (although I did bump into some old party friends there.

Hennessy took its devoted fans on an enjoyable evening by reshaping the party scene with its iconic, expressive, and versatile cognac, Hennessy V.S.O.P. It was a 360° night experience that was reimagined through hip-hop, music, and lighting. Hennessy is without a doubt the go-to drink for any nightlife scene, reinforced by its rich heritage and solid legacy, as the brand is associated with unity, reunions, and simply enjoying the moment.

The entire evening, which had the theme “Diffraction,” hummed with a vivid display of lights in celebration of an unorthodox motion that blends innovation and modernization of cognac. The HENNESSY ARTISTRY experience started in the Cleanse Room where the virtual ambassador of HENNESSY ARTISTRY greeted guests. The Enlighten area, which contained the Hennessy Legacy Maze, presented the history of the brand. After some skillful manoeuvring, guests were then rewarded with admittance into HENNESSY ARTISTRY and greeted with Hennessy’s specially crafted cocktails delivered on a unique conveyor belt bar (ed – think sushi conveyor belt!)

A light show kicked off the night with high-octane light displays that were further amplified by the surrounding reflective set-up at the event that defined Hennessy’s diffraction theme. Local artists Dato’ Maw, S.A.C, and Yung Kai from the Ban Huat Group gave energetic performances with their stylised tunes of hip hop.

Simon Dominic, an iconic figure in South Korean hip hop and headliner of this year’s event then took to the stage to the delight of his hundreds of fan present, belting out hits like TTFU, Simon Dominic, 119 REMIX, Make Her Dance, POSE!, and ya ain’t gang, raising the enthusiasm level to an all-time high for the evening. Finally, DJ Hazel lit up the room with her artistic spins as she unleashed a barrage of empowering blended sounds to close out the evening.

DJ Hazel on the decks

“HENNESSY ARTISTRY was truly the epitome of what a high energy ultimate night experience should be and Hennessy will be using this momentum and high to usher in 2023. After a successful event that was attended by high profile guests within the nightlife scene, Hennessy Malaysia is looking forward to make HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2023 an even more spectacular event that pushes the boundaries through its special curation of innovative and immersive experiences for the young nightlife scene.”

Patrick Madendjian, Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Singapore & Malaysia

Throughout the entire event space and walkabout zones, the play of UV lights and various event interactions that were thoughtfully curated and displayed had many guests capturing the moments in video and photos.

During the event, each guest was also rewarded with a special gift from event partner EK Malaysia, a Malaysian jewellery brand that prides itself with customised handmade designs made with the finest quality gemstones and high-grade leather. With just the QR code found in the InnerClub WebApp, guests could scan their unique QR codes at the respective booths to collect their gift.

Guests were also sent on a QR Code treasure hunt to redeem attractive prizes with unique QR codes placed in various locations around the event space. Prizes up for redemption included Hennessy merchandise along with miniature Hennessy V.S.O.P and Hennessy X.O. bottles.

Wow! It was really nice to have attended another Hennessy Artistry! If you’ve followed my site over the years, you’d know that I’ve attended every single Hennessy Artistry in Malaysia since the very first one back in 2008.

To be entirely honest, I had absolutely not heard of Simon Dominic. However, from past experiences, I knew that it was going to be a night of good performances, good music, good drinks and good company and I was correct! Good music is good music…. as music transcends language. Simon Dominic’s performance was the highlight of the night for me. Hundreds of screaming girls seemed to agree with me on that too.

With the pandemic (mostly) behind us, I can’t wait to see what Hennessy has in store for 2023 and beyond!

Photo credits: Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia and author’s own using the Vivo X80 Pro using ambient light (without additional lighting)


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