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Mooncakes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor 2022

Here is the list of hotels and restaurants offering mooncakes in 2022:

Kuala Lumpur

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  2. Hilton Kuala Lumpur
  3. The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur


  1. One World Hotel

Other cities:

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This mooncake season, Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur is collaborating with renowned designer Jimmy Choo to introduce unique gifting options for the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated at the end of summer when the full moon is at its fullest and most radiant.

“The Mid-Autumn full moon represents completeness and good luck in Chinese culture. On this joyful occasion, we are reunited with our beloved family and friends. The Four Seasons mooncake gift box reflects these feelings of happiness, good fortune and abundance.”

Jimmy Choo

The exquisite mooncakes are handcrafted with the highest care and packaged in a custom Four Seasons gift box. Elegant lavender and joyful pink create a festive atmosphere, which is further enhanced by intricate festive symbols.

The peacock origami pattern and round totem box depict the old Chinese habit of a family gazing at the full moon while sharing delectable mooncakes. Each distinctive box cover features an unmistakable Jimmy Choo design, which draws attention to the design’s brilliant colours.

This lovely tribute to the Mooncake Festival makes a thoughtful present for loved ones, close friends, and valued business partners.

From musang king durian to Valrhona chocolate with Himalayan salt and egg yolk, the delectable collection of Snow Skin Mooncakes offers flavours of delight. These delicate treats are crafted at Yun House under the direction of Chef Jimmy Wong, who has experience working in renowned kitchens in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Also on the menu are Baked Mooncakes with fabulous fillings, such as Pu Er Tea paste with tangerine skin and white lotus seed paste. Some varieties feature an egg yolk, an auspicious symbol of the harvest moon. Last, but certainly not least, is the Trigona Rum Ki Tiki, crafted in collaboration with Bar Trigona.

The limited edition mooncake gift boxes are priced between MYR 488 to MYR 588.

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur will start taking orders from 1 July 2022. To place orders, head over to https://fs-kuala-lumpur.myshopify.com/collections/mid-autumn-festival

Hilton Kuala Lumpur

This year, Hilton Kuala Lumpur welcomes the mid-autumn festival with Mid-Autumn Moonrise, a premium collection that takes an eco-friendly approach to illustrate the hotel’s stance on sustainability. 

Mid-Autumn Moonrise, made using sustainable bamboo materials, symbolizes the strong family bonds that renew under the full mid-autumn moon when reunion takes place.  With longevity in mind, it is designed as an exquisite gift box that can be lovingly adored as a keepsake.

Conceptually inspired by moon-gate structures in Chinese tea gardens, Mid-Autumn Moonrise pays homage to the moon’s radiance that reunites families near and far.

Featuring two opulent porcelain dishes with your choice of Hilton’s traditional baked or snow skin mooncakes, this bamboo box is a celebration of timeless materials and modern tastes. The eco-chic design features a Hilton logo on a steel plate and a lid that is adorned with a velvet panel. On the inside, the box is fully lined with velvet fabric to safely cushion the premium goods. 

Snow Skin

Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s artisanal snow skin collection is hand crafted with premium ingredients.

  • Celestial Star 海棠云月 – RM38 nett

This year’s signature snow skin mooncake, the Celestial Star is inspired by the mooncake’s blue appearance; evoking the elegance of the night sky.  A smooth blend of white lotus paste and truffle macadamia nuts filling, a bite into the mooncake’s center is a delightful contrast with its sweet, crunchy macadamia nut nibs.

  • Heavenly Gold 冰皮猫山王 – RM60 nett

Snow Skin with Pure Premium Musang King Durian

  • Royal Jade 翠玉映月- RM38 nett

Snow Skin White Lotus Paste with Salted Mung Bean and Crusted Cashew Nuts with Black Sugar

  • Blue Moon 冰皮蓝莓芝士玉环 – RM38 nett

Snow Skin Amaretto Lotus Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine (Contains Alcohol)

  • Flower Drum 喜庆紫花鼓 – RM38 nett

Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Soft Custard Egg Yolk

Traditional Baked

Enjoy moon-gazing with an array of mouth-watering halal-baked mooncakes, a ritual best paired with cups of hot Chinese tea.

  • Baked White Lotus Paste 纯正白莲蓉                                                                   – RM35 nett
  • Baked Lotus Paste with Single Yolk 单黄纯莲蓉                                               – RM35 nett
  • Baked Pandan Paste with Single Yolk 单黄金翡翠                         – RM35 nett
  • Baked Red Bean Paste with Almond Flakes 杏仁红豆沙                               – RM35 nett
  • Baked Green Tea Lotus 绿茶莲蓉                                                        – RM35 nett
  • Baked White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk 单黄白莲蓉                                  – RM38 nett
  • Baked Black Sesame Lotus with Single Yolk 黑芝麻莲蓉单黄   – RM38 nett
  • Traditional-Style Baked with Five Nuts 古法伍仁                           – RM38 nett 

Hilton’s National Mooncake Box Lunar Reunion is also available for purchase at RM158 for a box of four. Each box contains the chef’s recommended traditional baked mooncakes.

Available for purchase at the hotel lobby or online at www.takeus-home.com/hilton-kl from 1 July until 10 September 2022

To reserve, call +603 2264 2264 or drop an email to KULHI_FB@hilton.com

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Keeping to the hotel’s rich history in Polo, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur unveils its Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Trunks inspired by ‘The Sport of Kings’ this year. St. Regis’ association with Polo emerged in the early 20th Century when Polo became a prominent fixture at the Astors in New York. Crafted to give guests a sense of the sport at its highest standards, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncake is wrapped in orange leatherette with features of fine stitching and studded with brushed metal hardware to represent a Polo player’s saddle, and is available in Classic and Super Mooncake sizes. This Classic Mooncake Trunk of Single Yolk mooncakes is available in a trunk of four and eight, while guests can also opt for the Super Mooncake Trunk of their exclusive 6.5” Prosperity Mooncake with Eight Yolks. For guests looking for exquisite gifts, the limited edition Super Mooncake Trunk with a Macallan 18 Year Double Cask Whiskey is also available.

Available for pre-order now, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s mooncakes are priced at:

  • RM268nett for the Classic Mooncake Trunk (4pcs of Lotus Seed Paste Single Yolk)
  • RM388nett for the Classic Mooncake Trunk (8pcs of Lotus Seed Paste Single Yolk)
  • RM398nett for the Super Mooncake Trunk (6.5” Prosperity Mooncake with Eight Yolks)
  • RM3,698nett for the Super Mooncake Trunk with Macallan 18 Years Old Double Cask (6.5” Prosperity Mooncake with Eight Yolks)

For orders or more information, call +603 2727 6696, WhatsApp +6012 280 1303 or email dining.kualalumpur@stregis.com

One World Hotel Petaling Jaya

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival or better known as the Moon Festival, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel Petaling Jaya is once again proud to present its popular Mooncake Delights starting from 10 July until 10 September 2022. Enjoy 12 flavours created just for the occasion with a 15% discount.

Back by popular demand are the Low Sugar Pandan Lotus Paste, Low Sugar Supreme Mixed Nuts, Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste while those who love durian will enjoy the Snow Skin Durian Lotus Paste Mooncake.

The mooncakes are an ideal gift for business associates, family and friends and can be purchased at the Mooncake Counter located at the restaurant.

The Baked Mooncakes are priced from RM23++ onwards per piece, while the Snow Skin Mooncakes are priced from RM28++ onwards per piece. Purchase 4 pieces of any flavour and be entitled to an elegant custom-made mooncake box.

To order, call Zuan Yuan Tai Chinese Restaurant at 603 7681 1159 or WhatsApp 016-3390995

You can also email zuanyuan@oneworldhotel.com.my or visit the online store at https://rb.gy/fxhzod    

Photo credits: Respective hotels/ restaurants and author’s own


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