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Hennessy Hands at The Chamber in Starhill Kuala Lumpur (2022)

The lavish set up inside the private Hennessy room

I recently attended Hennessy Hands held at The Chamber in Starhill Kuala Lumpur, where invited guests get to experience a lavish and exquisite affair featuring Hennessy’s top-notch luxury cognac that is the savoir-faire of the Maison, Hennessy Paradis.

Hennessy Paradis enthusiasts will be in for a bespoke treat as Hennessy Hands offers a one-of-a-kind experience tailored for those seeking exceptional moments. Created to be the most precious eaux-de-vie, its perfectly harmonious and universally well-loved blend was inspired from ancestral gestures evolved over time.

Customers can create a thoughtful and expertly produced personalised bottle with each bottle purchased at Hennessy Hands. Each bottle will be precisely and carefully etched on the spot for free using cutting-edge laser machine technology. In addition to the free personalization, clients who buy two bottles will receive a complimentary bottle tag that is attached onto the bottle neck.

“This avant-garde experience is truly a personal and remarkable one on so many levels. You can now call our unique blend of luxury cognac your very own with your name engraved onto our iconic Hennessy Paradis bottle. At Hennessy, we always strive to incorporate technological advancements into our brand as a bid to elevate the brand to new standards while at the same time preserving our timeless heritage and legacy passed down from eight generations.”

Nausicaa Charrier, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Singapore & Malaysia

Nausicaa Charrier added that Hennessy always welcomes technology as the brand constantly pushes the boundaries to stay relevant and in keeping up with the generations to come. It is with the hope that this unique Hennessy Hands retail concept will help uplift consumers’ drinking experience and make them feel like they are cocooned in a lap of luxury.

“I hope that our loyal connoisseurs of Hennessy Paradis will come and experience this new concept at Hennessy Hands and get a customised engraved bottle. This timeless bespoke artistry is perfect as a gift or added on to your Hennessy collection,” Nausicaa continued.

Hennessy Hands continues to pioneer craftsmanship, creativity, and personation in its newest retail idea as a work of art for the affluent, discriminating, and avant-garde drinkers, in keeping with its timeless legacy.

The Hennessy Hands retail concept experience combines technology while also maintaining the history of the Fillioux family of Master Blenders, who have worked side by side with the Maison Hennessy’s artisans, from coopers to distillers, for countless generations. The expertise, inspiration, and pursuit of greatness from earlier generations—who were not afraid to try new things and scale new heights—are passed on by these Master Blenders.

The launch, where a specifically planned luxury occasion takes the stage, was attended by the society’s elite and was intended to provide a personal trip through connoisseurship. A fun mixologist bar, a taste of food and drink pairings, and a private workshop in the Hennessy room are all part of this custom experience that is created to showcase each brand’s commitment to heritage and workmanship.

Hennessy Hands gave guests a custom woollen pouch bag made by Lord’s Tailor that contained a luxury hip flask filled with Hennessy Paradis, completing the full handcrafted experience.

This unique experience will be available every Thursday and Friday of the week starting from 16 June 2022 onwards until end August 2022. Exciting weekly engagements including the iconic Hennessy X.O and other prestigious brands under Moët Hennessy will take on the spotlight in the private Hennessy room.

For more details on Hennessy Hands, head over to Hennessy’s Malaysia Facebook page, or contact The Chamber Starhill at hello@thechamber.my or +6012-400 3933

Photo credits: Hennessy Malaysia and author’s own


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